The Innocent Wife of Scheming President

Chapter 29: A Coincident Meeting

"Don't forget to treat me for a meal." Alan reminded her behind her.

Olive turned around and walked back a few steps closer to him. "Mr. Hoyle, it is said that you and your fiancee Miss Meyer, will soon get married. If someone said accidentally that you have an ambiguity with the female clerk, you are not afraid of her sadness, but I am afraid she will cut me with a knife."

She stared at him without fear, half laughing. Her heart ached badly, but she still wore a light and even slightly ironic look on the surface.

It was she who had been unable to let go.

Alan gave her a slanting eyebrow. "I helped you. Shouldn't I ask you to treat me to a dinner?"

That reason was so magnificent and reasonable, but there was no such a person to ask for thanks. His face was really so thick unlike ordinary people.

Why hadn't she noticed it before?

Just about to speak, the voice of the Chloe suddenly came, a little jokingly, "Olive, who is this handsome man? Do not you introduce him?"

Chloe smiled and could not hide the ambiguous light in her eyes. She just looked at Alan curiously and quickly made marks on his appearance. He was really good-looking. She thought Lynn and Ivy were handsome enough. Unexpectedly, there was even better looking men standing there. Even if he was still motionless, he was a bright scene. It was hard not to get noticed. What's more, he drove a Maserati.

When Olive's eyes fell on Annie who was held by Chloe, her face changed slightly, and she felt not good in her heart.

to Alan and

bewildered by the evil face.

to herself in appearance, Olive was still afraid that he maybe find something. Sweating in her hands, she dared

He was the daddy you missed. But please forgive Mommy. I

pulled at the corner of her dress. "Olive, is this

The Chloe also looked inquiringly.

her uneasiness and tried to calm herself. "He pays salary to

several years old called the adult's name? That was the first time he heard

similar to hers. Just he trying to confirm it, the little fellow turned her head at the woman next to her. "Mammy Chloe, what's the

boss." The Chloe quietly looked down at

Olive pretended that she didn’t see. At this moment, she slightly loosened. It was better to let

Alan, his heart that fell inexplicably. The child was not hers. If she was married, he would not like to see this. He would not like to see her laughing in the arms of another man, or the

as that girl, but was it really her?

child came up to him again, graciously hooked his finger

very much. He thought children were noisy without end. But the lovely girl in front of him was clearly just a strange child he met for the first time,

"Can you stop Olive from working overtime all night and going home late? Grandpa said that everything the boss allowed would be all right." Annie said

my uncle what your name is and how old

me in the

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