The Innocent Wife of Scheming President

Chapter 32: The Head of Dark

Olive found the phone in vexed. She did not noticed who was calling and pressed the answer button," Hello?"

"Busy working?" It was voice of Ivy. Olive heard Ivy's breath was not constant.

Olive found that was Ivy, her nervous and uneasy body suddenly loose. She fell into the office chair and pressed her forehead," Eh, don't mention it. My head has already filled up by works now. What can I do for you?"

" I'm cool. Just wondering if you get time this evening. Come to have a drink at waittingbar if you do."

"Let's see. I'm kind of busy here and I don't know when I will finish these. Maybe another day?" Olive could only say that since the computers were still not working. It was bad to break an appointment anyway.

" You are kind of busy since you were promoted, aren't you?" Ivy laughed.

" The computers were attacked by virus. There are only unreadable codes on the screen. It can not be solved tile now and it is nearly a mess in the company. By the way, do you know anyone who good at computers? Recommend one to me quickly if you do. Definitely good paid." Olive felt that she was looking for help blindly now.

Susie walked by just in time with a gloating expression," Miss Steele, I can tell you a way if you can't make it out."

"What way?" Olive asked blankly. But what method could this woman get. It was her kindness not to hit Olive when she was down. What kind of good heart could she got?

find the head of dark." Susie said in a mysterious way.

of dark? A gangster?" Olive asked with a unenlightened expression.

opportunity to show off so she looked at Olive sneeringly," How could you do not

webmaster aside said adoringly," The head of dark is the leader of the dark union. They are a blog on the surface so all the businesses are made by registering in the blog and contact with administrators. But the audit system of registration is quite strict and you can't find the trace of the head of dark. It is said that even administrators can barely see the head of dark in real world. He will not do the normal easy businesses by himself but left them to the underlings.

saying, this person, is a head of hackers,

The webmaster nodded.

head," We can't do it. Let's think up other ways. It's better to stay away

of a good way to solve the problem by the help of hackers but, what if the classified documents were

lot of people to solve the problem but they all failed, aren't they? Who else

her finger and said seriously," Then, does Miss Maltz get the way to contact with them? Or you

Olive remembered that she was still on the call with her friend so she said

Olive's words," I will be right there."

you going to do here? I got not time to welcome you now." Olive said with half

my resting time which is play with the computers. Maybe, I can help you. Wait me for half an hour and I will be there."

the phone. A sound of busy was heard from the phone then it turned to peace.

to help others, but Ivy should understand the situation first. This was not a normal trouble and

fine, just making every

10 minutes earlier than the expected.

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