Sandy was an uncommon humble one in the office. Olive would not refuse anyone who asked her for help even though that was not Sandy asking. Some workplace rules must be learned anyway. Olive would keep a smile on her face even thought it was the most hateful person.

Olive walked into Alan's office with a cup of coffee in her hand. He was reading the documents on his desk. He asked lightly when he saw her coming in," Are you recovered?"

Olive bent her body a little and put the coffee cup on the desk. Somehow, she said daringly without a second thought," I'm good now. Is Mr. Hoyle going to have a check on me?"

She was frightened by her words, too.

Alan looked at her in silent. Olive was a little embarrassed. She felt somehow that there was some other profound meaning in his sight but it was also quiet like an old well. His deep and serene eyes seemed like taking away her soul. She was bashful and said," Mr. Hoyle, pardon me if there is nothing else."

He suddenly put down the documents in his hand, raised up and crossed the desk then approached her. Olive was trembled and took a step back in spite of herself," What are you going to do?"

"You asked me to check your body, didn't you?" Alan lifted Olive's chin and said with a playful and frivolous joking tone.

The soft feeling made his finger becoming sensitive singularly.

Olive put her hands in front of her chest resisting. She did not dare to look his eyes," I was just joking."

"But I don't like jokes. What if I would like to seem it a truth?" His breath was close to her face.

tile she could not anymore. There

the wall beside both sides of her forming a locking circle.

beating fast," Don't do anything unruly. I will shout for help if you don't let go

put his head on her


Olive was stupefied and did not react

for a while. Then he let go her, raised his finger and flipped on her forehead," A joke for a joke. We are even now."

Then he returned to his indifferent appearance and got

could you be stingier? How could you make a joke on this? If there was someone getting in

though she was very angry. She settled

"Are you afraid of

and stripping his hair. But now, she could only answer like this," A

Alan touched his chin. He suddenly turned the screen to the side towards her," Have a look. What's wrong

too fast that made Olive reacting slower. What was important was, it had to be an interrogative sentence but he said it like a declarative sentence and there was an ambiguity in his expression since he just molested her.

helped Sandy to send coffee to him when she just arrive in the office. How could she know since


dared to get close too much. This man was dangerous. It was better to keep a distance.

computers. She could do some basic works with office software but if it was about something deeper, asking her

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