The Innocent Wife of Scheming President

Chapter 38 :You Seem to Be Interested in Mr Hoyle

The car stopped at the entrance of the hotel.

"Mr. Hoyle, here we are." Dave turned back and told him, but Alan did not respond, as if he had really slept.

Olive pulled his sleeve with her fingers.

His palm slid down from his leg, pressing her fingers on the chair, and the closed eyes opened.

Olive felt like an electric shock and quickly pulled out her fingers. She could the hot temperature in his palm and it seemed to scorch her heart.

The heating in the car didn’t turn on, but Olive felt that she was beginning to sweat slightly, while Alan got off the car as if nothing had happened.

Dave has already booked the house. She could see the sea view from her room. The sparks and lights outside the window flashed, which were chaotic and beautiful, just like her mood at the moment.

Alan lived on the same floor with her. The waiter delivered the dinner to the room alone.

She looked at the closed door. "Did the gentleman in room 1307 eat?"

"Mr. Hoyle is resting. He said that he would call when necessary. This is the dinner Mr. Hoyle ordered for you. I hope you have a pleasant meal." The waiter answered professionally and smiled appropriately.

He specially ordered for he. Such an opportunity may not have in the future. It could not be

to clear the dishes and go out, Olive took a bath, wrapped in Hotel pajamas, and stood on the balcony to see the scenery. Winter in Sanya

salty and wet. In the distance, there were bright fireworks, which

balcony next door.

He did not rest for hours on the plane.

in her hand. When she woke up, she found her head was on his shoulder. He didn't push her away and let her lean so close and he worked with one hand.

long time afterwards, she dared not look at his face, especially his eyes

on the plane. She was refreshed and sleepless. She changed

it and her feet were covered. There was an illusion of vanity. Someone came out of the room in front of her, and Olive was stunned for a while, "Assistant

and was slightly surprised. "Is Assistant Steele still

I can’t sleep. So I want to go out and

you, I can’t sleep. Since both of

a road fool. I am afraid if I go out, I could not find the way back." She was not familiar with the place and it was better to have

one. The strange streets, exuded the atmosphere of tropical coastal cities. They had no destination, just walking aimlessly.

to Hainan?" Dave seemed to ask casually.

Beijing with my classmates. And then I haven't left Luo city yet. I am just like a bird in a cage. The sky is very small. Assistant Harrod, you must have been to many cities, haven't you?”

Hoyle. But for girls, it's a good thing

slightly, "Assistant Harrod

me so politely in private." Dave interrupted her

you don't be so polite, just call me Olive,

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