The Innocent Wife of Scheming President

Chapter 39: It's Disgraceful

Olive couldn’t distinguish that it was a casual joke or he also regarded her as a kind of woman who wanted to find a rich man. In the company, there were so many such women. When they looked at Alan every day, they were hungry like wolves and tigers, and they were also unspoken with shyness.

She laughed dryly.” Great men’s favors are uncertain. I know more about my boss. I should have less chance to make mistakes. Sometimes I'm clumsy, afraid of being scolded by my boss. It's very humiliating.”

Such an explanation, even she felt it was unreliable. He may not believe it.

Dave laughed, " It’s too exaggerated. Mr. Hoyle dose laugh a little bit. His cool temper was caused by some special experience. But he is not the kind of cold-faced and ruthless boss. To the subordinates, in fact, he cares them very much. You will find that he is very easy to get along with."

Olive did not dare to inquire about the unknown stories behind those special experiences for fear of arousing unnecessary doubts.

When they returned to the hotel late at night, she glanced at the closed door and quickly left away. She dared not stay too long for fear of being misunderstood that she wanted something.

Dave said goodnight to her at the door, and her hesitation were in his eyes.

It was not necessarily to let her come on this business trip. The boss arranged it so that he had his own reason. Just like when they first came to Luo city, they intended to negotiate with Lynn Company, but he bought Hengdu by the way with twice the price of the market. Naturally, these business secrets would not be known by irrelevant people, and she would not know that either.

The next morning, Olive woke up by the phone alarm. She dared not sleep too late, and did not know what kind of work would be waiting for her. Alan was like deciding to let her to accompany temporarily.

The so-called assistant, for her part, was quite disgraceful. She always felt that something would happen in Sanya that she couldn't control, and she was anxious.

At 7:30, Alan knocked on her door.

bloated clothes in Luo city. At the moment, she wore

at the age of judging people by their appearance, Alan still was shocked by her beauty. Perhaps, beautiful things

"Mr. Hoyle." Olive felt his strange eyes, but could not find what was wrong.

back to himself and did not hide his eyes. "You are beautiful."

a moment, and then she blushed inexplicably in his unbridled eyes. "Thank you. That, is it time

Now that you're ready, go to the restaurant."

come to ask her to have breakfast? He was considerate. Olive thought so. People have

hotel had a buffet breakfast, and when they went there, a few accompanying

a sentence and went to those

too many dishes. It was no wonder that some people said that the buffet meal was

often wanted to taste everything. But her stomach had limited space, and she also didn't want to look like green and inexperienced

whole wheat bread, preserved

is for

He reached out and adjusted her glass of juice.

stared at him. "According to what you said, juice should be more suitable for women to drink, because it can make woman more beautiful."

lifted the cup and took a sip, as if he had made up his mind not to

stopped, and there was another time?

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