The Man’s Decree

The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 9

“Mr. Chance, just let me know what you need. As long as I can fulfill it, I will not refuse,” William quickly declared.

At that moment, Josephine queried, “Mr. Chance, what do you need the calligraphy brush and cinnabar rosary for?”

After all, both items didn’t look like they were required for medical treatment, and they were also widely available.

“Josephine, Mr. Chance has his reasons for writing them down. You shouldn’t question him!” William admonished her with a glare.

“It’s all right.” Kai smiled. “They are used for treatments, too. However, they aren’t just any ordinary brush and rosary. They have to be imbued with spirituality for them to work.”

“Imbued with spirituality?”

Josephine and William were dumbfounded, as they had no idea what Kai meant.

When he saw how confused they were, Kai explained, “Everything in this world will live and die, and all of them contain spirituality. Even items deemed inanimate by men can have spirituality as well. However, it can only form under very strict conditions.

“Let’s take this chair I’m sitting on as an example. If I sit on it and meditate for decades, it would gradually be imbued with spirituality too.”

Worried that both of them would not understand, he illustrated the concept in layman’s terms.

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even give Jonathan, who was still kneeling on the ground, a look. Even though Jonathan was not particularly evil, he was unable to take on any real responsibility. Hence, Kai didn’t intend to accept him as his student. Moreover,

for more than ten minutes, Kai finally knew how William injured himself. When he was young, William was hit by a palm strike by a business competitor. As there was no external wound, and the results

began to feel that he was growing weaker to the extent of having difficulty breathing. As a result, he kept himself going

concern to his family, William hid the news from them. That was also why Josephine was

hearing the story, Kai realized at once that the attacker was a martial artist who had managed to cultivate internal energy. From the looks of it, he had wanted to kill William. Fortunately, William’s immense wealth had allowed him

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Kai’s response and thanked him profusely, “Thank you,

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