The Man’s Decree

The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 10

Dragon Bay was the best neighborhood in the whole of Horington, constructed on the only mountain in the city. For that reason, not only was the scenery there astounding, but the air was also exceedingly fresh.

Those who could live there were either wealthy or influential people from the upper echelons of society. Ordinary people couldn’t even afford to pay the property management fee there, much less Iive in the neighborhood.

“Mr. Sullivan, this… this mansion is too expensive. I can’t accept this!”

Kai hastily returned the key to William.

“Of course, you can, Mr. Chance! Or is my life not worth a mansion?” William remarked smilingly.

Since he had said as much, Kai had no choice but to accept it. Then, William proceeded to take out a bank card with ten million in it and handed it to him.

Knowing that he wouldn’t be able to turn it down, Kai could only pocket it.

Just when he was about to take his leave, a clamor sounded from downstairs, the noise deafening.

Kai’s brows furrowed slightly.

When William saw the frown marring his countenance, he immediately summoned the hotel manager.

“What’s going on here? Why is it so noisy?” William demanded.

“Mr. Sullivan, the heir of the Scott family is getting married today, and the wedding banquet is being held in the banquet hall on the second floor. That’s where the noise is coming from,” the manager hurriedly explained.

pursue the matter. After all, the hotel was open

be leaving then,

waved to William before exiting

he coincidentally bumped into Leyton

was stunned for a moment when he spotted Kai, but he guffawed in the next instant. “I didn’t expect you to really come and attend my wedding, Kai! Are you here for the free food

frosty glance, Kai said

mockery written all over his face, “Look at your ex-girlfriend. Isn’t she beautiful now? Do you not

was deliberately embarrassing

Ley. We’re running late,” Sandy murmured coquettishly to Leyton without even sparing Kai a

for your own wedding, so you two go into the banquet hall first. I’ll

“Can you just stop hounding us? You’re so desperate that you even came to the hotel after us! Do you think my daughter will ever take a fancy to your peasant self? Go and take a look at yourself in the mirror! Hurry up and buzz off instead of kicking up a

was caustic and vile, drawing

among themselves,

was no more than a fool

fall to your knees before me

shoved Leyton, who was blocking his path, away

together. “Stop him! Regardless of whether you want to attend the wedding today, you’ve got to do so! I want you to see your girlfriend marrying me with your own

soon as he said that, Baldy and a few others instantly blocked Kai’s path. They were still harboring a grudge after

sight of them blocking his path menacingly, Kai slowly turned back to look at Leyton. “Are you

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