The Man’s Decree

The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 13

“Leyton!” Yoel swiftly stepped forward to support Leyton. After checking the latter’s arm over, he concluded that his arm was broken and would only recover in a few months.

“How dare you hurt my son, you b*stard? I’m going to kill you!”

Due to the wedding, he had merely planned to teach Kai a lesson initially. But right then, only one thought remained in his mind—to kill the man. Otherwise, he would be thoroughly humiliated before the many merchants in Horington present there.

Whipping out his phone, he summoned all the bodyguards at home, all martial artists whom he had spent a king’s ransom to hire.

Hence, they were far more skilled than Baldy and his lackeys, who were just ruffians hanging around Leyton to ingratiate themselves to him.

Despite seeing Yoel make a call to gather his men, Kai wasn’t in the least bit panicked. Instead, he sat back down and picked his glass of water up, sipping languidly. That further inflamed Yoel as Kai clearly hadn’t any respect for the Scott family.

“Kill him, Dad! I want him dead!” Leyton, whose arm was broken, roared with his face contorted.

“Don’t worry, Leyton. I’ll definitely toss him into the river today for the fishes to feast on!” Yoel swore as he gazed at his son in anguish.

Knowing that Kai was quite skilled, he didn’t act immediately but waited for his bodyguards to arrive.

Just then, the door of the banquet hall was pushed open, and Josephine walked in briskly to see who exactly was kicking up a fuss there.

“What happened, Mr. Scott?” Josephine asked Yoel as soon as she stepped in.

cause a scene during my son’s wedding and even injure him. As such, there’ll be a bloodbath at your hotel today,” Yoel answered, pointing at Kai, who was

her gaze over, she

in her wildest dreams had she ever thought that the troublemaker would be Kai and

Chance? How could it be you?” Josephine inquired

Ms. Sullivan?” Kai

acquainted with him,

Yoel’s brows furrowed.

there’s probably some mix-up. Mr. Chance is here to

father?” Yoel’s frown

what nonsense are you spouting? This fellow doesn’t have any medical skills at all! He was just released from prison today! Let me tell you that he knows nothing of that sort! I’ve known him for many years, and I’ve never seen

expression went chilly in a flash. But seeing the wedding gown on Sandy, she knew that the woman was the new bride of the Scott family, so she stifled her anger and asserted, “I can decide for myself whether it’s true.

years then. Even when I was sick, I had to go to

expression on her face. In her eyes, Kai wasn’t worth a

Josephine glanced at Kai. She seemingly understood why he

treat your father.

naturally didn’t have to be courteous to

can’t hurt

Josephine moved to stand in front

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