The Man’s Decree

The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 14

When Yoel saw that William had made an appearance, he sneered, “You came at just the right time, Sullivan! Take your daughter away! I’m definitely killing this kid today!”

Ignoring him, William looked at Kai and uttered, “I’m sorry about your experience here, Mr. Chance.”

His humble demeanor had surprise inundating everyone there.

“No matter. The Scott family is insignificant, so they can’t do anything to me,” Kai answered him with a faint smile.

However, his remark infuriated Yoel once again. “Kid, the Scott family can’t possibly maintain our foothold in Horington if I don’t kill you today!”

After saying that, he turned to his dozens of bodyguards. “Whoever kills him will have a reward of one million!”

The instant they heard about the monetary reward, a greedy look flashed in their eyes, and they all rubbed their palms in anticipation.

“I’ll just see who dares to make a single move! Don’t forget that it’s my territory here, and this is my hotel!” William bellowed.

As his words rang out, several dozens more security guards arrived. The butler of the Sullivan family also rushed over with sweat dripping off his forehead.

“I’ve already conveyed your orders, Mr. Sullivan! The security guards at the Sullivan residence and all other properties are rushing over right now. The bodyguards from the Sullivan residence will be here very soon!” the butler reported to William.

When William nodded in acknowledgment, he retreated to the side.

Meanwhile, Yoel promptly frowned when he heard butler’s report. “Are you planning to battle it out with me just because of this kid, William?”

“Yoel, if you insist on killing Mr. Chance, I don’t mind battling it out with the Scott family. Do you think I’ll be afraid of you?” William proclaimed fearlessly.

The Sullivan and Scott families were equal in strength, so both parties were sure to suffer heavy losses if they were to engage in a fight.

even as they inwardly surmised, If the Sullivan and Scott families were to duke it out, it’d definitely

and the murderous intent in his

courtesy, William! You forgot one thing—Mr. Lewis

words fell, William’s expression changed, and

the guests around them shuddered when they heard that name, and a

as Tommy Lewis and was the head of the Templar Regiment. In fact, he was the true underground king of the whole of

well-known saying in Horington that illustrated the capability of the Templar Regiment—even if you offend the Grim Reaper, never transgress

the Templar Regiment, Tommy was a figure who could send ripples all across Horington with a single

“I’ll pretend that nothing happened if you leave with

corner of William’s eye twitched, and he wavered because Tommy’s name was just too resounding. The Sullivan family couldn’t afford to offend

my own problems, Mr. Sullivan. You should leave with your

a thing? If a fight breaks out later, I’ll have Josephine make a run for it with you. Neither Tommy nor Yoel

at his sleeve

Sullivan residence after fleeing with Mr. Chance. Wait until everything has

what’s your decision, William? Do you want me to trouble Mr. Lewis?” Yoel demanded upon seeing that William

very end, Yoel!” William answered with steely determination written all over

I laud you for your guts!” Clenching his jaw,

in desperate straits. Back then, his father once allowed Tommy to stay overnight when it was raining. Thus, the

but Yoel was unwilling to accept defeat by not killing Kai that day. That aside, the Scott family would also become the brunt of the joke. For that reason, he decided to cash in the favor and ask Tommy to come

the call was made, a flurry of thunderous footsteps was heard. Many people

holding machetes surrounded Glamor Hotel. There were hundreds of them,

weighed William down when he saw that sight. Crap! It looks like


of the banquet hall was pushed open. Twenty over burly men in suits who stood at 1.9 meters rushed in with chilly expressions on their faces. They stood in two rows with their heads held up high

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