The Man’s Decree

The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 31

Scarface was stunned for a brief moment. Slowly retrieving his phone, he gave Tommy a call. Since he didn’t know who Kai was, he didn’t dare let him make the call.

Soon, the call went through. As Tommy’s sleepy voice rang out, it was obvious that he hadn’t gotten out of bed yet.

“Mr. Lewis, someone is causing trouble in Antique Street. He says that he knows you and wants me to give you a call,” Scarface carefully reported.

“Who is he? What’s his name?” Tommy asked.

“I don’t know his name, but he’s wearing a bronze ring with a dragon on top and even asked me if I recognized it,” Scarface added.

“Fck!” Tommy swore as he jumped out of bed at once. “Scarface, listen to me closely. You had better treat him like a king. If you somehow offend him, he will annihilate your entire family. It would do you good to remember that.” The moment he finished, Tommy ended the call. He then got dressed and rushed toward Antique Street. Listening to the call-end tone, Scarface was stupefied. Despite having served Tommy for over ten years, he had never seen him panic like this before. Putting away his phone, Scarface looked at Kai and trembled violently. Oblivious to the change in Scarface, the fat stall owner stared at Kai with contempt and complained, “Scarface, this man is spouting nonsense. How can Mr. Lewis know a fool like him? He’s lying to you, and you should quickly get that piece of jade back!” Slap! The moment he finished speaking, he was slapped forcefully on the face by Scarface. “You bstard! He isn’t the one lying. Don’t think that I’m not aware of the racket you’re running here. It seems to me that you no longer want to stay here anymore!”

he had no idea what was going on. Nonetheless, some of those in the crowd were sharp enough to realize that Kai

I’m sorry about just now. Please rest a while, as Mr. Lewis will be here very soon,” Scarface apologized in an

didn’t recognize Kai and wasn’t aware that he was the leader of the Dragon Sect. In actual fact, most of the members of the Templar Regiment weren’t even aware that they were part of the Dragon Sect. After all, it was a secret only known to a very

for the spiritual brush and cinnabar rosary would get him nowhere. Since Tommy was in charge of Antique Street, he



stall owner was baffled as he took out a

a car screeched loudly to a stop. The moment the door swung open, Tommy

heavily, “My Lo— Mr. Chance, please let me know ahead of time the next time you come here. I

was just browsing,”

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