The Man’s Decree

The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 32

“Scarface, get rid of the crowd. There’s nothing to see here,” Tommy instructed.

“Shoo! Go away, all of you. What’s there to see here? Whoever forcibly buys or sells something the next time, this will be the consequence!” Scarface roared at the crowd, causing everyone to scatter.

“Mr. Chance, are you looking for anything in particular? There’s nothing really interesting here at the stalls. The truly good stuff is inside!” Tommy explained.

“I would like to buy a spiritual brush and cinnabar rosary. Do you have them here?” Kai asked.

Tommy was baffled as he didn’t know what the spiritual brush Kai was talking about was. Also, cinnabar rosaries could be found everywhere.

Despite that, he didn’t dare clarify. Instead, he respectfully replied, “Mr. Chance, I’ll take you to a couple of antique shops where you can check if they have what you need. To be honest, I don’t really know much about this stuff either.”

“Sure, lead the way!” Kai nodded.

With Tommy personally guiding Kai, the antique shop owners brought out their best wares. Unfortunately, none of them was what Kai was looking for.

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