The Man’s Decree

The Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 33

“Please, come in!”

Walter simply nodded at Kai to greet him.

From his perspective, the only reason Tommy was treating Kai with such respect was that his family was rich and powerful, and certainly not due to Kai’s own capabilities.

The moment Kai stepped into the villa with Tommy, he could feel an intense rush of spiritual energy. In the garden, he saw a clump of trees with extremely thick trunks. They were so big that they blocked out most of the sunlight.

As they continued walking in, he saw an exquisitely designed landscape complete with a pavilion built with classical architecture.

“Mr. Grange, your trees must be really old, aren’t they?” Kai couldn’t help but ask as he could feel the surge of spiritual energy coming from them.

“Mr. Chance, these trees are hundreds of years old. They are the reason why Mr. Grange built his villa here,” Tommy explained.

Kai nodded, finally understanding why Walter chose to retire in Horington despite it being an unassuming city.

for living out one’s old age. Nourished by spiritual energy, one was able to beat back

corridor, the group arrived in the main hall. It was filled with antique furniture, each of them at least a hundred years old. There was even a Dragon Throne right in the center of the hall with nine

it, the throne looked as if it was constantly

Dragon Throne, Kai furrowed his brows at

“Please, have a seat.”

waved his hand casually before settling down on the

Kai were seated, Walter ordered his servants

need my help with, please go

obviously knew Tommy

love collecting antiques, I would like to ask if you have any spiritual

brush?” Walter knitted his brows in

free. As long as you have it, I’m willing to pay whatever price you

I do have it, I don’t mind giving it to you. After all, money is of no use to

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