The Supreme God

Chapter 11 Is This What I Get From Saving You (Part One)

'Did the pendant save me?' Austin took out a ring-like jade pendant from his collar and examined it thoughtfully.

He was still in trance, but he gradually calmed down and tried to recall what happened.

Rafat tried to attack him when something weird happened.

When he was about to be hit in the chest, an explosion of dazzling white light appeared. It literally saved his life from the critical strike, while severely injuring the attacker.

The only possible reason he was still alive was the pendant he was wearing.

He was still an outer disciple when he found the jade pendant. When he was sent off into the mountain for a trial, he came to face with a diabolic beast. He hunted it down to its lair where he spotted the pendant among its hoard. When he fought with the beast, he noticed that it was desperately protecting the pendant with its life.

Austin eventually killed the beast and took the jade pendant.

He initially thought that the jade pendant might have some special powers that the diabolic beast was willing to sacrifice its life to protect it. But after many nights of continuous study, he didn't find anything special, so he gave up on that thought.

But he decided to keep the jade pendant as a trophy for killing a third level diabolic beast.

After all, not all warriors at the ninth level of Energy Gathering Realm could slaughter a third level diabolic beast.

But today, the seemingly ordinary pendant turned out to be something special. It had saved Austin from the wrath of Rafat.

It could be possible that the pendant still had other potentials unknown to Austin yet.

With this thought in mind, Austin was determined to study the pendant further.

But the thought of Rafat's explosive power crossed his mind and he was overwhelmed with fear.

Blood Bath Magic was the spell that Rafat cast, and the name alone already implied the powerful effects it had.

Austin guessed that it must be a secret method that could stimulate human potential but at the expense of the caster's own life essence and vitality.

By using these special methods, one could increase their strength several times higher than their normal.

beneficial effects would only last for a short period of time.

the caster would suffer other damaging effects after the

essence and vitality wouldn't be easily restored and for the time being, one's body would be greatly undermined.

used in cases of emergency or life-threatening

that Rafat had used one, Austin thought that he had pushed the latter to

rubbed the tip of his nose, feeling a bit embarrassed but proud of

still beyond any other warriors

force him into using his

who was lying on

Rafat. His footsteps

fiercely and punched

latter remained

started to relax after he confirmed that Rafat was finally

overturned Rafat's body with a

know, we could've settled it through negotiation. But you insisted on fighting. Now, look what happened to you.

bragged like a small man

looking down at Rafat, something caught his attention.

was a ring on Rafat's left-hand middle finger glimmering in the dim moonlight.

A space ring!


ring, it had an interior space

use it, one must concentrate his mind to command the storage space to

feet. The medium quality one could store up to one hundred cubic feet, while the highest quality could accommodate up to

the best space rings could even store

best space rings came with a price. The cost of a top space ring was immeasurable, while the low-quality space rings could also cost a lot.

being the top disciple among the outer disciples, Austin could still not afford a

reason was that he devoted all his wealth into energy cultivation and skill

could get one for free.

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