The Supreme God

Chapter 25 Reaching Level Four Of The Energy Gathering Realm

Austin waved his hand without hesitation.

"Bang," a loud sound echoed as twenty more vital energy crystals were added.

Austin had got these vital energy crystals from Rafat and put them in the Space Ring he carried.

"If you can help me apply for the task at Beast Mountain, these vital energy crystals will be yours."

"You!" Excitement reflected in Farry's eyes when he saw the number of vital energy crystals on the table. He desired them like a cat covets fish.

"How did you get so many vital energy crystals? Most of them must have a mysterious source. Tell me!"

Instead of handling the situation carefully, Farry let his greed control him. He demanded to know where Austin got such a small fortune from.

"What makes you think I will answer you?"

Austin knew why Farry was asking him these questions. He squinted at Farry as he spoke with a disdainful tone.

Every disciple at large cultivating sects such as Sun Sect had many opportunities to obtain refining resources depending on their strengths and the tasks they completed.

Usually, elders wouldn't ask about the source of private treasures of disciples.

If the elders could extort a disciple's treasure at will, they would be less inclined to work. In such cases, they would use their authority to confiscate what the disciples had earned by risking their lives outside the sect.

This would undoubtedly frustrate the disciples and lower their enthusiasm to cultivate. In the long-run, this would be harmful to the development of a large sect.

So, the leaders in Sun Sect wouldn't extort a disciple's possessions so openly.

Austin's expression turned cold. He glared into Farry's greedy eyes, and questioned, "What? Are you considering stealing my vital energy crystals?"

Farry thought quickly. Now, Austin was at the third-level of the Energy Gathering Realm. Farry was at the fourth-level and was one level higher than Austin. However, Farry had heard of Austin's capabilities. He knew that Austin possessed power and martial skills beyond his level.

Unsure of how much Austin had learned, Farry lost confidence in his ability to defeat Austin should they get into a fight.

others would be alerted. What was worse, if the leaders found out that he had robbed a grunt disciple of his vital energy crystals, Farry would be

consequences of his actions, Farry understood that he had to control his greed. He rolled his

misunderstanding. If you want to enlist for the task at Beast Mountain, I will certainly help you. Just wait for my

a fool many times before, but now,

him by his name ever since

he contemplated the change in Farry's behavior. Meanwhile, Farry wondered where this fool had gotten so many vital energy crystals from, and how he could grab them—of course not openly. He vowed to figure out a way to take them from Austin slowly

Austin felt relieved despite the fact that he could tell by Farry's

Austin didn't take it seriously because he thought Farry

your news. If I can get the task at Beast Mountain, I will

as he turned

Department in a company on Earth in his previous

offer money, Farry wouldn't get serious. As long as he gave some profit to a greedy person like Farry, the latter would surely try his best to

expected, Farry heard Austin's leaving comment and thought Austin genuinely had a significant fortune. So, he thumped his chest and replied,

you need any help

Austin to the room door. Now, as per Farry, Austin was a rich man. Of course, Farry had to

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Sect. The stars shone in the unclouded sky, and the night was

the foot of the mountain, Austin sat on the bed with his legs crossed. He was practicing the Purple Yang Formula and absorbing the vital energy of heaven and

between heaven and earth was affected and started to gather around him slowly. Then it was absorbed by his energy meridians through the vital acupoints all over

vital energy rushing through his energy meridians to the

to follow general rules when

elementary course, he needed to sense the vital energy of

the vital energy

through the energy meridians and vital acupoints all over his body to connect the energy meridians and the belly, forming a small ceaselessly operating world. Only in this way, would he have the

Energy Gathering Realm in the past, and now he was cultivating once more. So, he made quick progress because of his previous experience.

meridians were broken. He could feel the heat being released as the energy

with this feeling. He might have

was almost

had been determined

had a warm luster. He felt the

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