The Supreme God

Chapter 24 A New Austin And The Supervisor's Surprise

According to the Sun Sect's rule, every grunt disciple would get 3 vital energy crystals per month for living expenses. This was dispensed by the supervisor.

But Austin hadn't received a penny during the past three years, because all of his living expenses were pocketed by his supervisor, Farry.

In other words, Farry could get 3 extra vital energy crystals per month if Austin was still under his charge.

For this reason, Farry was quite worried when he heard that Austin received a brutal beating from Matias several days ago. If Austin died, the Sun Sect would stop providing his living expenses, which would be a crushing loss for Farry.

One vital energy crystal was equal to 100 silver coins. For an ordinary family in the towns near the Sun Mountain, 300 silver coins were enough to afford a comfortable life for nearly a year.

Farry had several mistresses in a nearby town, so he naturally needed more money.

'But it can't be helped. That idiot was hurt so badly that he's in a coma. He probably won't live, ' Farry thought to himself.

In fact, Austin's fight with Bates was already legend among the grunt disciples. Farry still didn't know about it because he had been away for several days after Austin fell into a coma.

The official reason he gave was that he was out on business, but he was actually dating one of his mistresses.

Farry was angry with Matias as he pondered this. He thought, 'Why did you have to beat him to death when you were just bullying him? That's my income you messed with, dammit!'

Despite his complaints, Farry had received many bribes from Matias in the past which tempered his resentment, not to mention that Matias had a powerful cousin who was also in the Sun Sect.

What was more, Matias practiced all the time, and was steady in his martial refinement. His ability would undoubtedly guarantee he'd become an outer disciple in the near future.

For those reasons, Farry didn't dare get in Matias' face.

'So I'll have to squeeze other disciples for their living expenses to make up for that, ' he thought sullenly.

After reflecting on this, Farry turned his attention to the female disciple who was making tea for him.

The girl bent forward over Farry's desk as she dealt with the tea set.

Recalling the night they'd spent together in a loving embrace, Farry's eager eyes looked her up and down, stirring his desire.

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have to worry about losing 3 vital energy crystals a month, now that Austin was still alive.

Thanks for your concern,"

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into an arrogant, humorless look as if showing his authority as a supervisor.

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compared to him. Strong men would always be the target of jealous fools who couldn't measure up on their own merits.

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Farry took out his frustrations on Austin. He wasn't a nobody anymore, and Austin had to pay for being awesome. Gradually, Farry became cruel, and his morals weakened.

Austin every way he could and arranged for him to do the most tiresome dirty work.

I came here to apply for the mission to Beast Mountain." Austin said impatiently.

an outer disciple, although he never

the grunt disciples, himself included, but Austin decided not to

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