The Supreme God

Chapter 22 It's Perseverance That Counts

Evan just kept on talking with a wide smile on his face.

"My cultivation base is not yet back to normal. I just fought back today because Bates was too aggressive and I had too much of their bullying shit," Austin stated calmly. "Before I regain my original strength and possibly break through to the Earth Realm of vital energy, we'd better keep a low profile and avoid making trouble in the Sun Sect."

He surmised that he had been envied and plotted against years ago because of his reputation for being number one in cultivation base among the outer disciples.

He realized that one should be modest and patiently bide his time until he was strong enough.

Evan couldn't help but argue in his heart, 'Tin, you're not being humble! It was obvious that you were bullying Bates too much today!'

But he was even more surprised when he just realized what Austin said about breaking through to the Earth Realm of vital energy.

"You want to ascend to the Earth Realm of vital energy!" cried Evan. "That's what the elders and stewards in the sect have achieved! But it took them twenty or thirty years of hard work before they reached the Earth Realm. It's not going to be easy for you!" Evan continued.

As a grunt disciple in the first level of Energy Gathering Realm, Evan hadn't dreamed of achieving the Earth Realm of vital energy even for a single moment.

Austin rolled his eyes at Evan. "What can be so difficult in breaking through to the Earth Realm of vital energy?" he asked in disdain. "A few years ago I was already in the ninth level of Energy Gathering Realm and ready to break through to the Earth Realm of vital energy. If I had not been backstabbed, I could have been in the Earth Realm of vital energy already."

Evan then remembered that Austin was known as the most gifted disciple among all the outer disciples of the Sun Sect three years ago. "Sorry, Tin. I almost forgot your glorious history. With your ranking first among the outer disciples, you were known as one of the few wizards of all time. It would be a piece of cake for you to break into the Earth Realm of vital energy," he complimented, scratching his head sheepishly.

"Tin, when you get to the Earth Realm, I will be the proudest and I will hold my head high in the Sun Sect!"

His flattery gave Austin the creeps. "Can you be more disgusting?" said Austin grumpily. "You're a grown man. You can't always rely on other's glory. You should start making up your mind and practice hard. Strive to break through to the Earth Realm as soon as possible. Then you will feel proud of yourself. That is your true glory."

"But you know my potential. I'm just in the first level of Energy Gathering Realm. God knows when I will reach the Earth Realm."

Evan looked discouraged.

"You can rest assured that when I become stronger in the future, I will definitely search for quantities of elixirs and treasures of heaven and earth. I'll do whatever it takes to help you improve your vital energy to the Earth Realm or even a higher level," Austin said kindly, trying to cheer up his frustrated friend. "But it's your perseverance that counts," Austin added in all earnestness. "I can't help you if you don't help yourself."

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