The Supreme God

Chapter 23 I Will Go To The Beast Mountain

Roger said confidently and laughed heartily.

"I'm currently on par with Philemon and the others, and they are my rightful opponents. Not a nobody just at level three of Energy Gathering Realm. I won't kill Austin, but he should be punished. Tell your men to give Austin as much trouble as they can. I won't let him lead a comfortable life!"

"Yes, sir! I'll convey your instruction to my men immediately. We won't give Austin a chance to make trouble again!" the young man said respectfully.

"You may leave now. I'm going to take the time to practice. I intended to attend the Five Sects Competition in the next two years, so I must take my time. If you don't have anything important, don't come and bother me," Roger ordered.

"Yes, sir! May you succeed and defeat Philemon soon!" the young man said in flattery.

Roger nodded, enjoying being flattered very much. He shook his sleeve and then a small black bag flew out. He handed it to the young man and said, "Take it. If you're loyal to me all the time, you'll get a lot of benefits when I succeed."

Roger then closed his eyes and continued with his meditation.

The young man politely took the small black bag and pinched it. A look of joy appeared on his face. Knowing that he shouldn't stay there any longer, he immediately stepped out from the cave.

Meanwhile, in another cave of the Sun Mountain, two young women sat face to face.

One of them was at the age of fifteen or sixteen years old. She had a delicate facial profile and starry eyes, and her frame was slim and lithe.

If Austin were here, he would have immediately recognized that this girl was Denali.

The young woman sitting in front of Denali had coiled her beautiful hair in a bun. With crescent brows, beautiful eyes, a small nose, and slim frame, she looked incredibly charming.

However, with an emotionless face, she looked as cold as ice. Even the temperature in the cave seemed had dropped more due to her coldness.

"A grunt disciple named Austin saved your life, is that right? But he is a man of mental deficiency. So, how could that even be possible?" the young woman asked emotionlessly.

"Yes. That night, the rogue brought me to a glade and was about to rape me. Fortunately, Austin showed up in time and saved me."

Denali's face turned pale at the thought of what had happened to her that night.

"A mentally disabled grunt disciple named Austin? I think I know this guy. But I'm not so sure if we're talking about the same person. The man I know used to be an outer disciple, and he became a grunt disciple after he got some mental problems," the young woman said coldly.

said that Austin was degraded to a grunt disciple

Denali cried out.

thousands of outer disciples, so everyone knew him. I used to admire him, too,"

little surprised because she never expected that Austin used

amazing Austin had been, the young

you? Does it mean he's pretending to be crazy? But why has he played a fool and let everybody bully him for three years?

you and you owe him your life. But whatever happens, do

We didn't do anything to him before, so I think he won't do anything to harm us. Don't you

and Denali had always respected and feared her cousin since she was a child,

hard for her to consider Austin as an evil

can be. Since your dad entrusted me to take care of you, I'm responsible for your safety. Just do as I told you!" the young

not to protest her again. "I understand," she answered in a low voice.

of our sect, so I need time to practice. You should also try your best to improve your cultivation level in vital energy.

will do my best!" Denali answered obediently.

cousin would attend the Five Sects Competition on behalf of their sect,

Being qualified meant that they could get more resources and training opportunities

young woman seemed very satisfied with Denali's obedience. She took out a bag of vital energy crystals and

Elixirs from my master. They are very useful,

heard that these magic pills were

would be helpful to the cultivators at Energy Gathering Realm for improving their competence. Denali was confident that with these two magic

on the bank of the Clearing

"Achoo! Achoo!" ...

several times.

is missing


with his lips twitched.

and the sunlight scattered on the grassland not far away from the Clearing Lake. Austin and Evan lay side by side on the grassland.

grass in his mouth, Austin looked at the white clouds forming different shapes on the

going to practice in

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