To Be Yours Again By Taylor

To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Alec Faust

years old! I can’t live without him!” “Don’t worry, we are running an examination on him right now. We’ll only understand his condition when the test results are out.” Seeing that, Morgan tugged Jenny along as she squeezed through the crowd. “Excuse me! The doctor is here.” Hearing that, the patient’s family members gave way to her quickly, allowing her into the emergency ward. “What happened?” Jenny asked immediately. “The patient got into a car accident and is now experiencing a brain hemorrhage. We’re checking how much blood he has lost, but his situation doesn’t seem too optimistic.” Although the attending doctor of the emergency ward was not acquainted with Jenny, he decided there was no need for an introduction when he saw on her name tag that she was the deputy director of the neurosurgery department. “Here is the CT scan of his head,” informed a nurse loudly as she handed them the report. Examining the report, the emergency doctor frowned, instantly commenting, “The situation is very dire. Given the large amount of bleeding, he is experiencing a brain herniation due to increased intracranial pressure. Surgery must be performed on him immediately.” Scanning the report, Jenny agreed with a nod, saying, “Alright, let’s arrange a surgery.” “But…” began the emergency doctor, seeming somewhat embarrassed, “our hospital isn’t capable of this surgery.” Craniotomy was no ordinary surgery. “Let’s send the patient to a better hospital,” he suggested. “The brain herniation is oppressing his respiratory center. He will die within half an hour if we don’t operate immediately. Are you sure we can get him to another hospital in time?” Jenny questioned seriously. “But there are no doctors here who are capable of this surgery. What can we do if we don’t send him to another hospital?” asked the emergency doctor helplessly. “I’ll do it!” Jenny declared. “You’ll do it?” he asked incredulously.  He had heard how an external doctor landed the neurosurgery department’s deputy director position. He figured that the woman before him was that person. Was she really capable of such a complex surgery? “Surgery? What surgery is it?” asked the patient’s wife, finally coming to terms with the dire situation. Panic was written all over her face. Jenny explained to her patiently, “Your husband is in a critical condition. Due to the bleeding in his brain, the intracranial pressure is high, resulting in a brain herniation. A craniotomy must be performed

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