To Be Yours Again By Taylor

To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Showing Up

neurosurgery department will be? Do you think it’s a man or a woman? Do you think they’ll be easy to get along with?” “Who knows? Given the fact that they landed such a high position, they are either an expert in their field or…” answered a female staff member, giggling. It was clear what she implied. “I heard that they’re very young. I think they got the position through their connections.” “I think so too,” agreed the rest. After all, working in the medical industry was no different than working in other sectors—experience was the key to promotion. Since many of the staff members at Parrington Hospital could not assume the role of the deputy director despite working there for decades, the newly elected deputy director was the newest subject of their gossip. Amidst their discussion, a nurse ran over to them. “The deputy director is here! She’s really beautiful!” said the nurse. Surprised to hear that, the crowd flocked to the Department of Neurosurgery, hoping to witness the divine beauty of the department’s new deputy director. Under their curious gazes, Jenny exited the director’s office and walked into the deputy director’s office, which was exclusively dedicated to her. After closing the door, she sat at the desk and began to work without taking a break. She never wanted to remain in Parrington. After all, she used to work abroad; hence, going abroad was the best option given her reputation and background. However, Parrington Hospital obtained her contact information and called her in hopes that she would stay.  Appealing for her to

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