To Be Yours Again By Taylor

To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 26

Chapter 26 We Aren’t Close

Alec and Paul watched the drama unfold from the second floor.

“Seems like the woman who made you lose control has gotten into trouble. Aren’t you going to help her?” Paul smirked as he glanced at the man beside him.

“Help?” Alec sneered. He seemed to be enjoying the drama. “Why should I help her? We aren’t close anyway.”

“If that’s the case, why did you give her those 60-million-dollar earrings?” Paul chuckled.

Alec’s expression shifted. Then, he replied, “I’ve already explained this. I wanted to thank her for saving Faye.”

Paul didn’t argue with him. Only Alec himself would know the true reason. Soon, the appraiser that Mr. Nelson had contacted arrived. While waiting for the appraisal, the people whispered to one another. Faye was also waiting to watch the mayhem ensue.

In the crowd’s eyes, this was a fake painting. Jenny was just in denial. It didn’t take long before the appraisal report was out.

“Let’s see how you’re going to deny it now!” someone roared as he looked at the appraiser. “Mr. Jones, this painting is fake, right?”

looked at Jenny, curious about this woman’s

The appraisal report is already out,” Faye

as she answered calmly, “You’re

about to say something else, Jenny got up and walked up

greeted elegantly with a

to the audience. “After finishing my appraisal, I conclude that this painting

instant, the dining hall was filled with sounds of exclamation. Everybody was

“This is impossible!”

fell immediately. Even though he wasn’t

not what I meant…” That person was tongue-tied. “I just feel like it’s impossible. Why

even gave it away for charity. Does this woman know the value

“Why is it impossible?”

walked in. Dressed in casual clothes, he seemed out of place at this dinner event, but

exclaimed. “That’s Mr.

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