To Be Yours Again By Taylor

To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 27

Chapter 27 Very Interesting

“It was all just a misunderstanding,” Mr. Nelson said, sulking. He didn’t know she was Mr. Birkett’s mentee.

“It’s fine, James. It’s normal for people to have doubts. After all, Mr. Birkett has indeed not come out with new artwork for many years.” She could understand why these people doubted its authenticity, so she didn’t feel angry.

Seeing that she was still so calm and unaffected, James couldn’t stay mad at her. After a while, he finally sighed. “I’ve told you before that you don’t have to solve everything alone. Mr. Birkett and I are here for you.”

“I know, James.” Jenny smiled and nodded. “I’ll contact you if I ever face a serious problem.”

The reason why she didn’t contact him was also because she knew that the authenticity of the painting would be proven after an appraisal. There was no need for her to trouble him.

“So, that’s Mr. Birkett’s last mentee?” someone asked timidly.

Jenny smiled and said, “I’m glad everyone likes my mentor’s artwork. I’ll let him know about this. I’m sure he’ll be very pleased.”

The crowd went silent. Someone with insider information said softly, “I’ve heard before that Mr. Birkett took on his last mentee. The mentee is considered exceptionally gifted, and Mr. Birkett plans to train and make them his successor. Who knew we would see her in person today.”

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at each other and didn’t say much. James didn’t stay long. He left shortly after having a quick chat with Jenny. He was swamped. If it weren’t for the news he had received about someone auctioning off an imitation of Mr. Birkett’s painting, he wouldn’t have rushed over either. However, when he saw the people bullying his junior when he arrived, he couldn’t take it. He instantly backed Jenny up and realized there

the auction went on. After confirming the authenticity of the painting, the crowd went hard with their bids. Everyone wanted to get it. But the painting still ended up in Alec’s hands.

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big fan of Mr. Birkett. He would be over the moon to receive this painting as a gift. I was just worried about not being able to find a suitable

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