To Be Yours Again By Taylor

To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Meeting?

Alec will not come begging me for help again one day?”Helpless, Vincent knew that what Jenny said was true.“Mr. Faust will leave the company in half an hour to meet his clients, and his meeting will probably end very late. You probably won’t have a chance to see him today.”Feeling extremely anxious, Jenny asked with a frown, “Where is he going to meet his clients?”If she waited there in advance, certainly she would run into Alec.“Forget it, Dr. Walter,” said Vincent. Failing to bear the pressure, he whispered, “Even if you manage to find Mr. Faust, you can’t change anything. He has already made up his mind.”Jenny was stunned. Was Alec determined to bring down the Walker family?Stephanie had offended Alec because of her. Since everything had happened because of her, she had to find a way to solve it. However, Alec would not see her. In addition to that, according to Vincent, he would not let the Walker family off the hook.After a moment of contemplation, Jenny made a decision.Turning around and returning to Stephanie, ​​she said, “Let’s go back first. I have a solution.”“Really?” Stephanie asked.“Yeah.”Soon, the two left the Faust Group. Jenny told Stephanie to go home and wait for her update while she called Warren, the housekeeper of the Old Mansion. Since Alec refused to let the Walker family off the hook, she had no choice but to turn to Old Mr. Faust for help. By hook or crook, she had to protect the Walker family.“Miss Walter?”Warren was surprised as he didn’t expect Jenny to call him.“Hi, Warren, how is Old Mr. Faust doing recently? I would like to visit him,” she said, feeling very uneasy, wondering if he would still help her after she divorced Alec.Warren looked at Old Mr. Faust, sitting beside him, and asked softly, “It’s Miss Walter. She would like to visit you.”“Sure, ask her to come.”Although Old Mr. Faust was surprised, he still nodded with a smile.Warren returned the message to Jenny. After hanging up the phone, he asked curiously, “Mr. Faust, didn’t you invite your grandson for dinner tonight? If Miss Walter comes—”“It’s just a divorce! What’s the problem? They can still be friends,” replied Old Mr. Faust with a smile. Thinking about it, it was the first time they had dinner with him.Unaware of his plan, Jenny hopped in a taxi and rushed to the Old Mansion. Meanwhile, Alec just got off work.“Are they gone?” he asked stoically.“Yes,” Vincent replied, sneaking a glance at him. For some reason, Alec seemed a little unhappy to hear that they had left.When Alec fell quiet, Vincent said, “You received a call from home asking when you’ll head over. Would you like to meet your client or visit the Old Mansion first?”“Let’s go home.”With that, he walked out of the office.When Jenny arrived, Warren was already waiting for her at the door.“Welcome, Miss Walter.”“Hello, where is Grandpa?” she asked with a smile.“He is waiting for you inside,” he informed as he led Jenny inside.When Old Mr. Faust saw her in the living room, he chuckled, saying, “It took you long enough to visit me, you heartless girl!”“I’m sorry, Grandpa. I was embarrassed to visit you.”After

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