To Be Yours Again By Taylor

To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 12

Chapter 12 I’ll Remember You

elevator.Stephanie felt her knees turn to jelly. If Jenny hadn’t caught her in time, she might have fallen to the ground.“I’m done for. He wouldn’t seek revenge on my dad’s company just because of this, right?”Looking at Alec’s retreating figure, Jenny shook her head.“I don’t think so. He isn’t that childish.”Sharing the same thought, Stephanie regained her spirits and then asked, “What happened between the both of you? Does he not know who you are?”During their short interaction in the elevator, Alec seemed unable to decipher what was going on from their conversation. Therefore, that was the most plausible explanation to Stephanie.“Yeah, he doesn’t. I haven’t met him since we married, ” Jenny replied. “The day after our divorce, he came looking for me, asking me to operate on his lover. Let me tell you, I was completely dumbfounded when that happened.”“His lover?” Stephanie was immediately invested in the story. “Tell me all the details.”Immediately, Jenny told her everything about Faye’s operation, sighing, “I really hope I won’t meet him again.” “I don’t think that’ll happen,” Stephanie said with a little too much glee. “Think about it. Why would he appear here of all places?”Jenny fell silent. How did she end up in the same community, in the same apartment, and on the same floor as him? Parrington was a vast city, after all.Could her luck be any worse?Stephanie patted her shoulder, smirking, “It must be fate! Maybe it’s a sign that you two will get married again or something. I’m really curious how he would react when he finds out you’re his ex-wife. Oh dear, I’m so tempted to tell him the truth.”“Don’t you dare!” Jenny rolled her eyes at her in exasperation.…The next day, Jenny went to work as usual. She was scheduled to conduct an operation as soon as the day started, so she was swamped all day. By the time she

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