To Be Yours Again By Taylor

To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Mr. Faust’s Love Life

“What does your love life have to do with me? I think it concerns the patient in this ward more than it concerns me.”“Why are you bringing Faye into this? What does she have to do with this?” he asked, unable to comprehend what she had just said.Thinking that he was annoyed that she mentioned Faye, Jenny pouted and said, “Aw, of course, Miss Lawrence has nothing to do with this. I shouldn’t have mentioned her!”He was really protective of his lover, so much so that no one was allowed to even speak about her.“Stop changing the subject! Why are you angry?” he asked, staring at Jenny, trying to see through her.Unfortunately for him, Jenny was good at hiding her emotions.“I’m not angry,” she said. Then, she added, “I just feel that it’s unfair for your ex-wife, Mr. Faust. Don’t you think it’s embarrassing and frustrating for her to be gossiped about behind her back even after her divorce?”She was, in fact, upset. No one would be happy to hear someone talking about them behind their back.“I didn’t marry her of my own will, which is why Faye feels upset for me. She doesn’t mean anything else,” Alec explained.Before Jenny could say anything, he continued, “Although I haven’t met her, I think she’s a good person, but we’re just not compatible.”After all, his ex-wife hadn’t caused him any trouble in the past two years. If she had been a meddling, scheming woman, he would not have had the peace he had for the past two years.Alas, his explanation did not improve Jenny’s mood. Instead, it worsened her mood.A good person? Was that all she was after two years of marriage? Who did he think he was to tell her whether she was a good person or not?Wearing a dark expression, she said coldly, “You don’t need to tell me all that, Mr. Faust. I’m not interested in your personal matters.” She tried to leave, but Alec refused to move aside.“Excuse me, Mr. Faust. Please get out of my way. I’m swamped,” she said unpleasantly.Alec’s anger flared. Why was she glaring at him as if he were her enemy and as if he had committed a great crime? It was rare for him to explain himself, yet she was reacting in such a manner.“Dr. Walter, you should stop playing hard to get. People will only feel disgusted if you do that,” he commented coldly. His meaning was clear. He was giving her a chance, so she shouldn’t be ungrateful.Jenny was playing hard to get? Hearing that, she was rendered speechless. Was her resentment toward him not evident enough? Was Alec out of his mind?She quickly concluded that Alec was mentally impaired.“Mr. Faust, please check your brain when you have time. Actually, I can arrange a check-up for you right now. After all, we should be wary when the health of our brains is concerned.”“Dr. Walter!” he said through gritted teeth. “Are you saying you’re not playing hard to get?”“I’m not,” she replied without hesitation. “I’m not interested in you, Mr. Faust. Remember what I said in the ward? I don’t like people with the surname Faust.”With that, Jenny walked away, leaving Alec with his heart flooded with anger, embarrassment, and doubt.Having confirmed that Jenny was utterly disinterested in him, it meant that her hostile behavior was because she genuinely loathed him. But what was the reason?From the moment they met, Jenny hardly concealed her dislike of him. He could not recall ever meeting her. Could he have offended her once and then forgotten about it?With that in mind, he called Vincent, instructing, “Find out what Dr. Walter has been doing in recent years and compare all her activities with mine. I want to know if we have met before.”After he hung up, Alec returned to the ward, where Faye felt a little uneasy when she noticed that Alec seemed upset.“Alec, Dr. Walter—”“Why did

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