To Be Yours Again By Taylor

To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Better Not to Meet Again

out her activities for the past two years. Why don’t we ask Mr. Wagner for help?”Paul Wagner was an expert when it came to matters of the underground. Whereas they couldn’t get the information they wanted through ordinary means, he might have a shot at it. That was the reason Vincent made that suggestion.After a long silence, Vincent thought Alec would agree. To his surprise, Alec replied, “There’s no need for that. She’s just a doctor, and we don’t need to pay her so much attention.”Did that mean he didn’t need to investigate any further? However, before he could confirm that, the call ended. While he felt helpless, he knew better than to ask Alec.A few days later, Jenny facilitated the hospital discharge procedure for Faye.“Although the tumor has been removed, we cannot be certain that a relapse will not occur. So, please attend check-ups regularly, and make sure you take care of your health,” Jenny reminded her in the hospital lobby.“Okay,” Faye nodded. “Thank you, Dr. Walter.”“How are you going home? Are you going to hail a cab?”Jenny was a little surprised that no one had come to pick her up.She hadn’t seen Alec for several days. Contrary to her expectations, he did not show up when Faye was discharged from the hospital. It made her wonder if he genuinely cared about Faye.Just then, Faye pointed to an approaching car and said, “Alec is picking me up.”Jenny turned to look in the direction she was pointing at, where the car stopped next to them, and Alec got out of the car. It had been a few days since they last met. As usual, he was wearing a stoic expression, showing no signs of happiness or anger.“Is everything completed?” he asked Faye.“Yes, it’s all thanks to Dr. Walter. She took care of everything for me,” Faye replied, her eyes darting back and forth between Alec and Jenny.She remembered the question she had asked Alec a few days ago. Although he didn’t answer her, she had an inkling that he felt a certain way toward Jenny. However, at present, Alec didn’t appear interested in Jenny at all, which made her wonder if she had been overthinking.Alec opened the door to the car and said, “Let’s go.”“Okay,” Faye nodded. “Goodbye, Dr. Walter. I hope we meet again.”“I think it’d be better if we didn’t meet again,” she replied with a laugh as she waved them away. After all, she was a doctor, so meeting her again meant bad news. Unfortunately, Alec misunderstood her. He thought she was talking about him, and his face darkened immediately. After Faye got into the car, Alec headed to the driver’s seat without saying a word to Jenny or even glancing at her. However, it didn’t bother Jenny as that was the attitude she had expected from Alec. He was the lofty president of Faust Group. A lowly person like her was nothing in his eyes.As the car pulled away, Faye glanced at Alec several times, wondering if she was imagining that Alec was in a bad mood.“Alec, please don’t take what I said last week to heart. I didn’t mean it,” she explained, unable to remain silent. Alec grunted in acknowledgment and continued driving.Soon, they arrived at their destination, and Alec said, “Take a good rest, and call me if you feel any discomfort.”“Are you going to work?” she asked, feeling quite disappointed as she thought he would keep her company.“Yes, quite a few things are going on at work,” he nodded. With that, he returned to the car and disappeared from Faye’s line of sight.Faye watched as the car left, chewing on her lip in discontentment. However, she quickly collected herself, telling herself that she needed to take good care of her health and that she didn’t need to rush things as

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