To Be Yours Again By Taylor

To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Faye’s Condition

operation was enough to exhaust them, let alone six. The other doctors were too afraid to imagine it.“Now you all finally know how great Dr. Walter is,” said Morgan with a smug chuckle, proud that her idol’s abilities were finally recognized.“Yeah, yeah, we know.”“Okay, everyone. You all worked hard today, I’ll treat everyone in our department to a wonderful dinner tonight,” Jenny promised them. It was about time she had dinner with her department personnel.“There’s no need for that,” they replied, chuckling. “Our department’s director promised us a long time ago that he’ll treat us to a meal to welcome you.”They were laughing and chatting as they headed towards the director’s office when a tall shadow suddenly loomed across them. When they raised their heads, they were shocked to see Alec standing there.Why was he here again?Everyone turned to Jenny. They had heard that he wanted her

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