To Be Yours Again By Taylor

To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Jenny’s Pride

condition, she and Alec left the room. Only then did the smiles on their faces fade away, their solemn expressions returning.“She should have had an operation earlier.”“I know,” he admitted, nodding, “but I only just got wind of you.”“I’m not the only one in this country who can perform this operation.”Jenny stared at him, unable to comprehend why Alec insisted on having her perform the surgery.“Yes, others can do it too,” replied Alec. He was silent for a moment before he continued, “but I do not dare to take the risk.”Jenny’s reputation as an internationally renowned neurosurgeon was unrivaled; therefore, Alec preferred to wait until he found Jenny before letting Faye take the slightest risk.Jenny understood what he meant, and her heart sank a little. For his lover, Alec was willing to exhaust any possible means.In the midst of all of his consideration for Faye, had he ever thought of his wife, whom he had never met? Correction. Had he ever thought of his ex-wife?She was angry, but not because she liked Alec. Her pride just couldn’t take it.Jenny had always been a tough, headstrong person. She always strived to be the best and never took offense to any insult. However, marrying Alec was the first time she felt humiliated.It was one thing that Alec didn’t fancy her and another for him never to meet her throughout their marriage. Despite her steadfastness and independence, she couldn’t accept it. Everything would have been fine after the divorce if they didn’t infringe on each other’s boundaries. However, Alec came looking for her for the sake of his little lover’s life. It would have been odd if she was fine with it. Yet, she wasn’t someone who could ignore a patient’s pleas for help, which aggrieved her greatly.“Don’t get happy too soon, Mr. Faust. Although I promised to save Miss Lawrence, there are several conditions.”She had to make him pay, or she would lose out.“Name them.”On the contrary, Alec was afraid that she would have no conditions. Things would be much easier if she set conditions.After a moment of thought, Jenny answered, “I’m planning to build a laboratory, and I need funds and equipment.”“No problem, everything will be provided by the Faust Group,” he replied. “Parrington Hospital lacks the latest surgical equipment,” she added.“The Faust Group will be responsible for providing it.”He would have done that even if Jenny had never mentioned it. After all, he wouldn’t allow Faye to take any risk.The way he agreed to her conditions with so much ease made Jenny feel weird. She couldn’t discern what emotion was stinging her heart, but it did not feel good.“Mr. Faust, you’re willing to do anything for Miss Lawrence. Aren’t you?”“Yes, because she is very important to me,” he answered, nodding without hesitation. How could the person entrusted to him by his savior before his death be unimportant?It turned out that he was not as ruthless as the rumors said. He was only cruel when it came to Jenny.She decided not to concern herself with it. After all, they had divorced, and the operation procedure would be their last interaction.“Is that so? Since that’s the case,

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