To Be Yours Again By Taylor

To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 7

Chapter 7 I’m Divorced

it. He almost thought he was experiencing auditory hallucinations.Jenny nodded, “Yes, any problem with that?”“N—No,” he replied, disappointedly shaking his head. He thought he would have a chance if he tried hard enough since she was quite young, even if she already had a Ph.D. However, she was divorced. Upon his reevaluation, he decided that the nurse who was trying to court him previously was pretty cute.When Jared left, Jenny smiled. She was not surprised. It seemed like her status as a divorcée would save her from many troubles.When she was about to leave, Alec exited the men’s bathroom. What a coincidence it was that they were meeting again.When their eyes met, Jenny stopped herself from asking him if she was stalking her.“You have a unique way of turning people down, Dr. Walter,” he commented with a mocking smile.Jenny rolled her eyes, thinking it was all thanks to him. She walked away, ignoring him as she passed by him. Since she was not wearing her medical garments, she was an average person who had the right to ignore Alec.“Have you been drinking?” asked Alec, frowning. He grabbed her wrist, displeasure written all over his face.Jenny shook off his hand in annoyance.“Mr. Faust, don’t you think you’re crossing the line? Do I need to tell you if I have been drinking?”She glared at him, her face flushed with anger.Alec was stunned by the sight of her. Her rosy cheeks and bright eyes complemented her fair complexion perfectly. Although her lips were pursed in a cute pout, Alec knew that an eloquent tongue was hiding behind them.It was his first time seeing Jenny without a mask. Even with her mask on, he could tell that she was beautiful. However, when she removed her mask, something within him stirred.“I don’t want to put Faye’s life in the hands of a drunkard,” Alec said coldly when he returned to his senses.Jenny took a deep breath, recalling all her moral lessons to stop herself from lashing out at him.Swallowing her anger, she forced herself to speak calmly, “You’re worrying too much. I didn’t drink, so tomorrow morning’s operation will not be affected.”The smell of alcohol that lingered around her was from her colleagues, not from herself, as she never fancied alcohol to begin with.Although Alec looked like he doubted her, he didn’t seem as upset as before.“Good. After all, a person’s life is in your hands. But I’m sure you are already aware of that.”“Is there anything else, Mr. Faust?” she asked, reluctant to be around him even for another second.“Do you hate me?” he asked suddenly, noticing that she was visibly displeased and annoyed.His question caught Jenny off guard. Had she been too honest with her feelings?She faked a cough

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