Boss, Your Wife’s Asking for A Divorce, Again Chapter 19

count with one hand the number of times we conversed every day. All you see is Miss Gray, and no one else.”

She used to go to the hospital daily to take care of Tina, She knew how her marriage to Toby came about, and she knew who Toby truly wanted, so she wanted to use the excuse of looking after Tina to make him see more of her.

Nevertheless, for the past six years, all she got from Toby was indifference.

Hearing this, Toby re-examined the redlipped Sonia, who was dressed in a black dress and exuding a slightly cold demeanor. He found that this version

As soon as Charles spoke, the sound of the guests taking in sharp breaths could be heard. Everyone was shocked as their gaze fell on Tina, then Sonia.

The expert has confirmed that the video is real, so if Charles is telling the truth.

Toby was caught by surprise as well. He looked at the woman standing in front of him, then his eyes darkened, and he asked, “Sonia, why didn’t you tell me?”

“Would you have believed me if I told

you?” Sonia retorted in a slightly

sarcastic tone. “President Fuller, we

were married for six years, yet I can

of her and the virtuous woman who

used to wait for him to come home

seemed like two different people.

He then remembered that before the

two of them got divorced, he and Sonia rarely talked. He never asked about her day or about her friends.

It seems like I never really got to know


The two of them only exchanged a

couple of remarks, then Toby said

nothing else. Beside him, Tina was

keenly aware that the man’s heart had softened, and he seemed to want to defend Sonia.

Tina quickly swept her gaze across the

of me for the past few years. This is a gift my father gave me last time. Now, I’m giving it to you as a thank-you gift.”

When the jewelry box was opened, a

crown embedded with diamonds on the black velvet shimmered under the


“H-Isn’t this the crown Princess Lilith

wore during her wedding?”

“President Gray really spoils his


Among the guests, those who were fond of jewelry recognized the crown,

and they all exclaimed that although it was incomparable to the Ocean’s

quesis, then she fiercely gritted her teeth and took a step forward before

bowing to Sonia

“Miss Reed, I didn’t expect that all

these years, you’d been constantly going to the hospital to donate blood to me. You’ve been so kind to me…”

Tina choked, her eyes gradually turning

red as she bowed to Sonia once more.

“I’m sorry…”

up, she

glance at the crowd,


about the video. My father


investigation that

you were the one

crashed into me.”

don’t have to be

appreciate her apology, and she even calmly shot Toby a

out that

who leaked the video.

Toby was the

brutally attacking her.

lowered her head

pale red lips.

time, Tina

servant brought

she handed it

you for

it was extremely luxurious, and they lamented how much Titus loved


expression changed,

why his daughter

Stepping forward with a cold expression, he said to

considerably pleasant tone, “Regarding


Reed. Thank you for taking

accept this

stood with her

she took

at the crown

no intention

it from Tina’s hands,


“When Princess


a designer from Van Cleef

my father got it at

auction house for


favorite piece of jewelry. I really

bad Tina felt, and they could see that


to frown when he


Toby and whispered. “I really didn’t know about Miss

persuade Miss Reed and

her frail frame and

Toby felt mildly distressed.

both Tina and

you,” Toby said

“The thank-you

giving you is worth a lot, so

take it *

posture was

Waging a war

unreasonable. Miss Gray has already

Mr. Gray was

which was why

such a careless

he apologized to

Gray is giving

thank-you gift,

it. What else


the guests


take it.”

knew that no matter how innocent she was, Toby would still

her arm tightened fiercely. and her heart was in such immense pain that it felt like

by needles.

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