Boss, Your Wife’s Asking for A Divorce, Again Chapter 20

“Miss Reed, don’t go too far.” Tina was frustrated, but she had to endure it. “My father already apologized to you about the video. Why are you still reluctant to give up? You even want to Snatch the marriage proposal necklace
my boyfriend gave me?”

Sonia raised an eyebrow and laughed. “You got together with President Fuller a few days after I divorced him. I wonder if you’d been coveting him because you couldn’t wait to be Mrs. Fuller!”

“What nonsense are you talking about?
You’re obviously the one-”
“And Miss Gray, I have no intentions of
Toby’s gaze darkened.

After a moment of silence, he handed
the jewelry box containing the Ocean’s
Heart to Sonia.
Tina panicked when she saw this, and she pulled on his sleeve. “Toby, this is
the necklace you proposed to me with.

“Your father specially organized
today’s banquet to celebrate your
recovery and discharge. It won’t be good to ruin the atmosphere.” Toby calmed her down. “It’s just a necklace. After this, I’ll ask Tom to find a better
one and propose to you with that.”


When the guests heard this, they all
snatching anything from you,” Sonia interrupted before Tina could say much. “You’re the one who wants to give me a thank-you gift. I only have eyes for the Ocean’s Heart.”
Tina was rendered speechless. Biting her lips, she stood there as her face grew increasingly pale, like a white flower about to wither.

As he watched on, Charles felt particularly good, and he almost
applauded Sonia.
“President Fuller, you have to say something. Don’t be silent,” Charles
called out.


“Is it possible that you’re not a man of vour word?”
became envious. “You’re so blessed, Miss Gray. No matter how rare the piece of jewelry is, President Fuller would have a way to buy it for you!”
After complimenting Tina, they satirized Sonia once more.
Tina’s expression improved when Toby said this, and she nodded obediently. “I’ll listen to you.”

As Sonia listened to their conversation,
all she felt was the irony of the
She had been married to Tony for six
years. Forget jewelry; he had never
even bought her a piece of clothing.

Even their wedding ring was bought by
Now, looking at how he was treating Tina, Sonia felt like her life was a joke.
Sonia suppressed the sadness in her
heart and accepted the jewelry box with a bright smile on her face.

“This is such a rare piece of jewelry, yet you’re
giving it to me just like that. President
Fuller, it seems like you love Miss Gray
so much that you can’t bear to let her
suffer any grievances at all.”

The woman spoke so enigmatically
that it made Toby uncomfortable, so
he replied lightly, “I’ve given you the
Ocean’s Heart, and President Gray has
apologized to you, Sonia, don’t pursue the matter of the video anymore.”

it toward Toby. “President Fuller, Miss Gray, may you live a long and happy life together, and I hope you have plenty of babies.” With that, she cocked her

baby wouldn’t have come to her senses. Thank you for being so

forgot to take, then said warmly, “Let’s “Let’s go!” Charles held Carl’s shoulders and they left

them leave, his brows furrowed,

had such an outstanding suitor. As soon as Sonia got into the car, she closed her eyes

you did a great job just now. Tsk. did you see the look on Tina’s face? She looked like she wanted nothing more than to

butterfly handbag to Sonia. “You left it on the table and forgot

Sonia, “Sonia, do you… still care about Toby? Did you

as he looked

Sonia in the rearview mirror, waiting for
her answer.
“We’ve gotten a divorce, so why should
I still care about him?” Sonia smiled. 1 didn’t expect that Tina’s mind would work so fast. She diverted everyone’s attention from the video by trying to give me a thank-you gift.”

‘k’ is the one who designed the Ocean’s

a huge chunk out of Toby!” “Of course I know that I’m awesome.” Sonia hummed, then covered the jewelry box and threw it to him.

my payment to you for your hard work.” “Okay!” When Carl saw Sonia’s capricious expression, his

don’t I find you another boyfriend?” Charles

or you and I can get together too. After all, my mom quite likes you– “No way!” Before

Charles rolled his eyes, then bragged, “Not only am I handsome, I’m also multi-talented. I grew up with Sonia, so I’m the best candidate to be her husband!” Carl pursed his lips together,

you know if

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