Boss, Your Wife’s Asking for A Divorce, Again Chapter 21

“Baby, don’t look at him. Look at me, all right?” Charles tried his best to draw

Sonia’s gaze back from the window.

“I’m more handsome than Carl, okay?  Or do you like virgins like him more?”

Having had her thoughts interrupted,Sonia didn’t know if she should be angry or laugh, so she rolled her eyes at him. “When I was young, I thoughtyou were narcissistic. Who knew you’d grow up worse.”

“I’m just aware of how handsome !” Charles chuckled. “Really, baby.Don’t you want to marry me? The Ocean’s Heart is nothing. I will find the world’s most unique diamond ring topropose to you!”

Sonia and Charles grew up together, and they often dropped by each other’s houses, so they were extremely close. Sonia knew that Charles was just trying to cheer her up because he knew that she was upset.

She was indeed rather amused by his

remarks, and she even remembered

the things she had neglected.

Sonia opened her handbag and took

out a ring from one of the

compartments. Even in the dim lighting

of the car, the diamond was still dazzling.

This was her wedding ring.

Sonia looked at the wedding ring in her hand, and everything that happened tonight flashed rapidly through her mind.

She recalled the scene of Toby kneeling down and proposing to Tina, almost as if he was spoiling her, and the scene where he protected Tina… Her calm heart began to make waves again.

Through the rearview mirror, Charles

saw the ring, but he didn’t make a joke

about it. “Baby, you know that some

people look like humans, but they don’t

deserve to be humans. If you meet

again in the future, you have to take a detour”

“Okay.” It was only a few dozen seconds, but Sonia’s heart was already at peace.

She placed the wedding ring on the

armrest compartment in the center,

and her tone was calm when she said,

“Sell this wedding ring for me too.

Donate the money to the people in the poor mountain areas.”

With that, Sonia leaned back in her

chair and looked at the scenery

flashing by outside the car window,

and her whole being calmed down.

After eight years, her one-sided love

had finally come to an end, which

made her feel relieved.

At the hotel, the banquet was still

ongoing, and the guests were still

bustling, as if nothing had happened


One after another, Toby greeted each

company’s bosses and business

partners. It took a long time before he

had time to breathe, and exhaustion

was clear in his eyes.

As soon as he sat down to rest, Tina

came over.

“Toby, are you okay?” Tina asked thoughtfully as she poured warm water for him before walking around to the back to massage his shoulders.

was right,


Tina’s hand, then said

deep voice, “You’d

your father greeting

must be

sit down

Tina gave a small smile,

down beside

an orange and handed

he didn’t take

“Tina, how did the car accident happen back


eyes were deep and


hearts. When Tina

her hands trembled, and she


a coma in the

there are many things I


and tried to recall it. “I

exactly how

happened. I

that I

continued, “Tonight, Miss


can’t possibly believe

said about

accident, right?”

his hand before she

aggrieved tone, “Toby,


frame her? I won’t

her eyes were

doubts disappeared, leaving only


hand and kissed it,


car accident


has left you traumatized, and I

to feel


Feeling relieved, Tina


again and handed it to

“Tony, I know

had been married

years, and she had

to the Fuller Family, so I’m very grateful to her. I’d like to

Reed to dinner

another present to thank

no need for that.”

happened half an hour


a little cold. “Sonia was

could donate blood

the time. She used this to

why I married

Heart, which



that the man


felt utterly relieved.


the man’s waist, and a

on her

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they were seated so

Toby could smell the



remembered that Sonia

He had smelled

his nose never


mind your actions.” Julia

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see this,”

after being told

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