Chapter 31

The gravity of her smile almost sucked Ethan in, but his rationale quickly pulled him back to reality.

He furrowed his brows. He had an unpleasant look on his face as he said, “What trick are you trying to pull, Olivia?”

Olivia said seriously, “I’m not trying to pull anything. I’m telling you that I’m giving you three months. After that, you can marry Marina and have a million bables with her for all I care.”

When that happened, her life would be at its end. She would find somewhere remote and live the rest of her life in peaceful solitude.

Ethan saw the determination in her eyes. He felt like didn’t understand Olivia anymore. He thought she was going to hate him, even after they talked it out. He did not expect her to be like this.

Ethan coldly glared at her. “What if I say no?”

“Then, I’ll never sign the divorce papers. I can wait. Your girl and baby can’t,” Olivia said as she quirked an eyebrow. She had the usual taunting look on her face. “I’m giving you three months. We’ll sign the divorce papers after then. After that, I’ll leave Aldenvine and never come back.”

Ethan sneered. “I know you won’t leave your father behind.”

was about to die anyway. Why should she care about anyone

very slim. It’s not a bad idea for him to stay if he is going to still

same for Jeff and terminate his life support. If she went away first, no one would be there to help

he would be mangled by the

probably a better idea for them to leave the world together. At

silent. However, Marina interrupted

sit and wait any longer, so she ed on taking matters into

she brought her child with her to secure Ethan’s heart.

daughter, an adorable little girl. She didn’t look anything like Ethan,


heart felt like it was being squeezed. She felt


her daughter. She had lost her precious daughter, but Marina

have twins.

girl reached for Ethan. She gurgled, “Ahh,

swiftly took the baby in his arms, and Marina stood beside him. She smiled gently

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