Get Me Married

Get Me Married By Tori Chapter 13

Chapter 13: The lady

6 days later

I came down from the car and walked into the hotel I lodged in, as always two security walked in front of me and two behind me. I was gradually getting used to that life and it was fucking awesome.

I had gone to almost all the places I would think of going in France and I was already exhausted. I did shopping, more shopping, I visited the beach, the museum, art gallery and so much more. It was a perfect experience, I didn’t have the time to become sad or annoyed. I ate whatever I wanted and a lot of eyes were always on me, I mingled more with a lot of hot, rich folks and mom Leona had been a lot of help and so had my family.

But that evening, I wasn’t feeling myself anymore. I walked straight to my room in a sour mood and quickly had a shower before I relaxed on the couch and watch some t.v. But that didn’t help me either, it had been 6 days straight since Jordan, my husband had left me on the alter. Yet he hadn’t showed up or texted or called or sent a message.

I was still me, I was still alone and the terrible feeling I felt back then resurfaced. My vacation was ruined and all I thought of was going back home. I stayed in my hotel room for as long as I could and just got tired of it. I got up and decided to find something pleasing to wear.

I found a gown I had been dying to try, it was a peach coloured gown with sleeveless hand that stopped below my knees. It hugged my body and had two slit at the both side of my thighs. I wore a glass heel and picked up a silver color bag. I allowed my brown wavy hair pour down my back, wore some jewelries and came out of the room. My security guards stood at attention and waited for me to pick a direction. When I did, two walked few feet in front of me and two others behind me. I wasn’t going far though, I just wanted to visit the bar and let out some steam and terrible feeling I had been feeling in my heart.

People watched as I walked past, I couldn’t understand why they looked stunned. Was it because I was too beautiful, because I knew too well how beautiful I was, or maybe it was because of the guards that followed me everywhere at every given time. I literally move in a convoy and have guards with me, that must have popped up some questions in their head or maybe they recognized me.

They knew me, but not as Genesis. Genesis was a no body who they never knew existed, they recognized me as the wife of Jordan Chase who came for a vacation because her husband was out for a business trip that wouldn’t let him call her or text

I found the bar, there were people there ofcourse and it was just as any classy bar would be. I ignored the attention I got for myself and walked straight to the bar stand. I sat down on the chair and watch the bar guy gape at me. It was flattering to know that I still held such power on men even after being married. I allowed him gape for a while, I enjoyed it.

“Good evening gentleman, but I feel like your eyes might fall off if you don’t stop staring” I said in French and he looked away embarrassed.

“I am sorry, I didn’t mean to stare” he replied in French and I smiled warmly at him.

“What can I get you?” he went straight to business and I smiled warmly. I just liked the way his words rolled out in French.

“I don’t know. Maybe a cocktail, I need the best here” I said and he smiled.

“Coming right up” he said and went ahead in preparing what I have never drank in my life.

When he returned, he gave it to me.

“That’s the best you will get in all of Paris” he winked at me and I chuckled.

“Well enjoy” he said in that french that made me wish I could be so good in French. I nodded my head and he left me with my drink.

I sighed and took a sip, I moaned after tasting it. It was indeed the best, though I haven’t tried many, I gave it a hundred percent score. I kept myself busy by going through my phone as I took a sip of my drink, it was like I had much to do anyway. My wedding with Jordan was still everywhere and I decided to not go through my phone.

Wasn’t I supposed to be happy? It was six days after my wedding and I still felt miserable. My hands voluntarily went to the finger he had slide a ring into and I played with it.

“You miss him, don’t you” a lady said from a distance and I turned my attention to her. She was a blonde and was really beautiful, I could tell she was my age or maybe a little bit older.

I stared hard at her, I couldn’t recognize her neither have I ever seen her and she spoke English fluently.

“Sorry, I guess you don’t know me. I am Kathleen Hart” she said and came close to me but my guards stood in front of her, keeping her away from me.

“Let her pass” I said to them and waited for them to let her pass.

you have there” she said and sat

I groaned and she

being a Chase” she said and I rolled my eyes.

position right now was once a

“Yeah right.” I

is every girls dreams, both the rich and the poor but now he got married to an extremely beautiful person. That dream had to die and now I am extremely jealous of your beauty” she said and I smiled at her with a hint of pink on

could actually be jealous of me” I said and she

in here and stole all the attention, most women here are glaring at you right now” she added and

to them on

m on

in place of you” she added and I

must miss him a lot”


she said and an “ohhh’ escaped my

to think of what to

but….” I did miss him, the days we talked on phone was

a business drip on our honeymoon” I said


to be in” she said and took a sip of her

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un ama

I will be leaving tomorrow”

was just about to make a friend with the most beautiful

“I’m sorry, but I need to go home”

your husband is waiting” she said and

hoped he was waiting but with all I saw so far, it was clear

I said and took

few days, which is why I have to return” I

“It’s fine. We can still


welcomed me back

me a big hug when I

had a wonderful flight?” she said and I gave her a nod. Then she gestured her hands to the car and I walked with her as we stepped

Jordan?” I asked immediately and her smile

but as it was the previous time, I

“Are you sure?” I asked and she

sure. Just that we have no idea of when he might return”

apologized for the time he hadn’t reach you and promise to make it up to you” she added and

long time, I was actually getting tired of sitting till I

a huge mansion, it could be seen from far away

drove in. I was dumbstruck at what I saw, the mansion was still further away, flowers lined up against the side of road as we drove along with beautiful sculptures. Flowers that stood as tall as walls, beautifying everything I could set my eyes on. The flower wall stopped somewhere and

over the house and lots of

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