Get Me Married

Get Me Married By Tori Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Imposter

I shook my head violently and blinked rapidly to be sure I was seeing the right thing. Because I felt like I had lost it for a moment or maybe I was dreaming of something. But they still stood so close to each other, they were so intimate you could tell it wasn’t something that just started few days ago. My hands started sweating and the beat of my heart increased, but I wasn’t ready to have a panic attack. So I took a deep breath and turned to mom Leona.

She had this shocked look on her face as I also had. But at the same time, I could see pity in her eyes as she stared back at me.

“What’s… what is going on?” I asked fully turning my attention to her.

“Nothing, it’s nothing my dear” she said and placed her hands on my shoulders. But I shrugged it away and glared at her.

I didn’t need someone coaxing me, I wanted the truth, I wanted answers and I needed to understand what was going on.

“Don’t tell me it’s nothing” I snapped at her.

“It’s really nothing dear” she said and I openly glared at her while my palms became more sweaty.

“Your son left me at the alter and came back a week later with a lady who he is openly kissing out there and you tell me it’s nothing. Are you kidding me?” I yelled with tears clouding my eyes.

I was so confused.

“calm down, let me go talk to him” she said and walked back into the room and out. I turned back to where I had seen Jordan and the lady kissing and they were no longer there. I rubbed my palms together roughly and took a deep breath before walking back to the room and shutting the door.


I walked down angrily, my heart was beating and all I could think was that Jordan finally did it, he finally did something I was not going to tolerate or coax about.

My demeanor told the staffs that I wasn’t in the greatest of moods and they all gave way to me when I got closer. It was far better they gave me my space.

I walked to the top of the stairs and I saw Jordan holding Samantha’s hands affectionately, I shook my head and folded my arms across my chest.

That girl knew too well that my son was married and she still had the guts to follow him home. They both looked coaxy and lovingly but I wasn’t there to welcome them.

“Jordan” I called out, my voice sounded terribly high and stern, it echoed in the entire house.

He looked up and saw me and then looked away.

“Come here Jordan” I said in the authoritative voice that made so many people feared me except Jordan. He stared at me for a long time, then he turned to Samantha who was by his side and squeezed her hands reassuringly. Then he turned to climb up the step with her.

“Samantha if you make one more step, I will treat you as a bitch you are and you will be leaving this house completely naked. Don’t dare me” | warned and she paused.

She had known my son for so long, she knew him too well and also knew the kind of mother he had. I wasn’t a woman who could joke with her words.

Samantha stopped and so did Jordan. She looked up at me with a proud smirk and then looked away immediately. Her hands slowly left Jordan’s hand and he made attempts to take her hands back in hers. Clearly he was going to disobey me, he wanted to push me away and disregard my words by bringing Samantha up with him.

to the studies now” I commanded and turned to the right wing. But

was cleaning the dinning. She

that prostitute doesn’t move away from that place she is standing” I said pointing at Samantha before

for his heroic entrance to the studies. I walked back to his desk with a glass of wine in my hands

took a while, I was loosing my patience. I was so close to

usual demeanor, cold, stern,

you explain the meaning of what just happened outside?” I asked immediately he walked in. He stared at me and

“Jordan” I called out expressing my anger with

go silent on me. What the

and looked at me straight in my

are a genius in playing mind games” he said coldly and walked deeper

get what you want” he said and walked to his chair, the one behind his desk and sat down without a

my question now, is

make so much excuses up for your lame ass” I banged my

not reachable and no one knew where the fuck you were. Do you know how many excuses I made up for you so your wife in there would be calm enough and all you did was to come back home with that bitch of yours”‘I yelled and waited for a response. None came, he just

in front of your wife, you kissed that slut in front of everyone” I added, his silent was making things worse for me. I was going nuts just staring at him while he said

wife” he muttered and it was

say now?” I

“She isn’t my wife” he repeated more

bullshit on” I said, raising my voice

her a dream wedding remember. You were dying to see her. You said your vows at the alter and exchanged those rings, you were both proclaimed husband and wife right there and then. She is your wife and

hands on the table and

Brandon was the lady I was supposed to marry,

to get you a wife soon so you could have this property and other countless properties”

at me and balled his

stoop to any level

anymore. It was my life, didn’t my happiness matter to you?”

that was why I went ahead to search for a different girl for you when Samantha declined the offer” I replied him. He glared

never sent any proposal to her” he said and it was my

had my p.a trace her down and I called her. She

phone” i said.

do that. And if she said no, why would she be here with me now huh?” he yelled and

her over your mother huh?’ I

her more than I can trust you. She wouldn’t gamble with my

loved him, I cared and wanted the best for him. Yes I was a Chase, my money, business


whatever you had with Samantha has to die now” I said and waited for his reply. It took a while but he

do you understand” he said and immediately got up from his seat and walked away. While I stood, dumbstruck at his words. He wanted me away, I was his mother and I’was hurt by those

I felt used, I felt betrayed. I suddenly understood why he left that way, he had left because I wasn’t the one he was supposed to see. Mom Leona manipulated me and made me think otherwise. She pushed for a marriage with his son so they could acquire some properties, I was a pawn to her, I

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