Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 15

Chapter 15

The temperature was high during the day, and the evening breeze was warm. Stella did not hurry back. She went to the terrace on the second floor for the breeze.

Other than the private messages on Facebook, only Felicity sent her a message on WhatsApp asking her where she was and why had not she come home.

Stella replied to her message, [I’m with my mother.]

Felicity texted her back very quickly. [How’s Aunty Rainee?]

[She’s still the same.]

[That’s good news. Who knows what miracles might happen one day and she’d wake up.]

Stella felt a lot better after looking at her comforting message. She replied, [I hope so. I’ll go back home late tonight. You should sleep first.]

[All right. If there’s anything, just call me.]

to Felicity’s message with


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man. She took his phone and coldly said, ” Don’t you know simply taking pictures of a stranger is considered violating the person’s privacy? What’s

was stunned. It seemed like he felt that it was funny. He then said a few numbers,

there was only one picture taken just now. It was the night view below, and

seconds between the flash and when I came to take his phone away. He didn’t have the time to delete photos. So, the only

Stella was speechless.

It was extremely awkward.

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she was thinking about how she could redeem her aggressive behavior just now, the man initiated a conversation. “I’m sorry. I just thought the night view below

should be the one that’s sorry. I was too jumpy.

to the man and said, “The picture

It’s just my interest. I

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