Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Stella swallowed every word that she wanted to say. She could not speak another word anymore.

‘Right. How can I ever count on Keegan?”


Keegan raised his voice. The weird silence made him feel inexplicably confused.

After a few seconds, Stella spoke again, “I have things to do today. Can we do this another time?”

Keegan coldly smiled, “Another time? Stella, do you think I’m so free like you? The one who wanted to get a divorce was you. And, you’ve gone missing during this crucial time. What are you trying to do?”

Stella’s face was pale. Her voice was husky as she said, “I really have something to do today. I can’t come Let me know which day you’re free. I’ll arrive on time whenever you say.”

“I have no time for your jokes!”

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