Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 8

Chapter 8

from the car. Then, he handed the gift box to Keegan. “Mr. Kane, the bag you pre-ordered two months ago has arrived.”  ‘A bag that costs over four million dollars. It’s like carrying a house around. My worldviews are constantly being changed while I’ve been working here for the past few years,’ Aldor thought. “When madam sees it, she’ll definitely like it.” Keegan unfurrowed his brows slightly. However, he coldly said, “How could she not like something she wanted?” Aldor raised his eyebrows but did not speak. ‘I’ve never heard madam say she wants this bag. But, she did say that the bag looked nice while she was reading a magazine in the car one time. That very night, Mr. Kane asked me to purchase the

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