Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 8

Chapter 8

prove that her original voiceover was not bad, Bella posted a video of her voicing the script during the filming of the drama on her burner account. She even paid money to get the hot topic “Bella Young Original Voice” trending. She thought this would blow everyone away. To her surprise, they ridiculed her instead. Once again, the so-called audiences and film critics criticized her acting and praised Dusk Galaxy profusely. ‘I’m going to lose my mind! Just as I was thinking of a way to relieve my anger, I heard Vermont and Andrew discussing the voiceover for Honor of the Deities. I learned that they intended to cast Dusk Galaxy as the voice actor. I’m too good to voice act in a game. But, if snatching the opportunity over would allow me to be a nuisance to Dusk Galaxy, naturally, I’ll have to do it,’ she thought. Even though Bella was ecstatic, she asked with a hesitant expression, “Did Mr. Snyder agree? He doesn’t seem to like me that much. If Mr. Snyder isn’t keen on it, then it’s fine. Don’t make things awkward between you two because of me.” Keegan glanced at her meaningfully as if he was going to bore a hole through her. Bella felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand. However, Keegan merely reminded her, “Your manager’s here.” Bella snapped back to reality. She looked out the window and saw her manager waving at her. She frowned. She initially wanted Keegan to send her home. However, Keegan’s assistant— Aldor Hart—had already opened the door and was beckoning her to get out. At this point, Bella could not shamelessly ask to stay. She bade Keegan goodbye and got out of the car without forgetting to give Aldor a deathly glare. “Where to, Mr. Kane?” Keegan pinched the bridge of his nose and said tiredly, “Home.” He had not been sleeping well for the past few days. To be precise, ever since Stella moved out of the house. He felt annoyed once more at the thought of her. Keegan twisted a bottle of water open. He took a sip and frowned, “Plain water?” Aldor explained, “The tea bags that madam gave are all used up. The new ones haven’t been stocked up yet. I’ll call madam later.” Keegan paused and coolly responded, “There’s no need for that.” ‘If I go find that woman, she’ll say things that’ll piss me off again!’ he thought. Then, he took another sip of water. For some reason, the plain water he had been drinking for the past twenty-something years had become unpalatable. ‘Did plain water always taste this bad?’ wondered Keegan. They arrived at Royalpark Villa. Just as Keegan got out of the car, Aldro retrieved a beautiful gift box from the car. Then, he handed the gift box to Keegan. “Mr. Kane, the bag you pre-ordered two months ago has arrived.”  ‘A bag that costs over four million dollars. It’s like carrying a house around. My worldviews are constantly being changed while I’ve been working here for the past few years,’ Aldor thought. “When madam sees it, she’ll definitely like it.” Keegan unfurrowed his brows slightly. However, he coldly said, “How could she not like something she wanted?” Aldor raised his eyebrows but did not speak. ‘I’ve never heard madam say she wants this bag. But, she did say that the bag looked nice while she was reading a magazine in the car one time. That very night, Mr. Kane asked me to purchase the bag. Since there wasn’t any stock locally, we had to pull a few strings to purchase it abroad. That’s why it took two months for the bag to arrive,’ he thought again. “Leave it in the car.” Keegan buttoned his shirt and said, “Come pick me up tomorrow morning at nine.” At nine o’clock the following morning, Stella got a call from Keegan right after she got dressed. “Come downstairs.” Stella was confused. Keegan “thoughtfully” added, “I’ll wait for you downstairs.” Stella frowned and said, “You know where I live?” Keegan was not bothered enough to answer her nonsensical question, so he hung up. ‘Every time we fight, she

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