My Baby's Daddy

Chapter 29

Chapter 29 

Anastasia was stunned, after which she reached out and took the contract, opening it to read. She was also shocked that her father bought a house for her, as he didn’t even discuss it with her before making the purchase.

“Don’t pretend you don’t know, Anastasia. The contract is right here; you can’t deny it!” Erica pointed the finger at her and shouted.

“I’m not! Yes, Dad bought it for me, so what? You have a problem with that?” Anastasia raised her eyebrow and asked.

“Your father’s money belongs to the whole family, and he also has to get permission from me and Erica before buying you a house. Half of this house will belong to Erica.” Naomi immediately fought for some privilege for her daughter.

Anastasia found it ridiculous as she looked at Naomi. “This property is under my name, so how can I give half of it to your daughter?”

“Then I’ll ask Dad to buy a house for me too, or give me 8 million,” Erica said haughtily.

“Go ahead and ask him, then! Why come to my office?” Anastasia put on a haughty expression as she spoke.

your dad to buy stuff and give you money behind my back, I’ll break

me when you get divorced. I’ll know when to find

Naomi was so mad

also had a sunken expression. “Anastasia, I’ll make you lose your

are you planning to do?” Anastasia narrowed her eyes

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Erica turned around and opened the door, leaving. Naomi

top of her lungs, “I have some news for everyone! Anastasia Tillman is a mistress! She destroyed someone else’s family and gave birth to a

the employees in the office stood up and looked toward Erica, who was shouting. One of them immediately asked, “Really?

messing around five years ago, working at a club and selling herself for money… That was why my dad chased her out.” Erica proceeded to

her. In the next second, someone grabbed the young lady’s shoulder and landed a loud slap on her face. It was none other than Anastasia because she had had enough of her sister’s nonsense for the past five years. Now, she couldn’t endure it anymore, especially when she heard Erica calling her son an illegitimate child,

Erica’s long hair and pinned it to the ground. When Naomi emerged from the

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