My Baby's Daddy

Chapter 31

Chapter 31 

Elliot closed his computer. Only Anastasia had the answers to those questions, whether she really was once someone’s shameless mistress who had destroyed the man’s family in the end.

“Keep investigating,” Elliot ordered in a low voice.

Rey voiced his affirmation and left, after which Elliot’s dark gaze fell on a corner. She even gave birth to the child, so what exactly was he expecting?

When Erica returned home, she ran back to her room where she dialed Hayley’s number, for she could only vent her anger to Hayley.

“You caused trouble at Anastasia’s company?” Hayley asked in shock.

“My dad bought her a house worth 8 million behind me and my mom’s back. Why wouldn’t I be pissed?”

“I can’t believe Anastasia could do that! Erica, you have to be careful. You mustn’t let her snatch all of your father’s property in the end,” Hayley reminded.

I won’t let her live in peace either,” Erica seethed. “Are you at home, Hayley? Let’s go out for

so I can’t drink for now,” Hayley declined. “You should

secretive these days because they used to hang out rather often in the

darkened. Anastasia’s mother had saved Elliot, which meant that Anastasia could exploit that fact to request anything

hadn’t made this request yet, it had to be due to her personality. She was a stubborn person and

school that she hated the person who caused her mother’s death, so could it be that Anastasia still hated

that was to show Anastasia how intimate she herself was with

time for people to get off work, so she should also head off and pay

drove in the sports car Elliot gave her. Whenever she was on the road before this,

be on her whenever she stopped on the road. The young men would gape

department at Bourgeois. Her appearance had brought about the looks of admiration and respect from all the female employees in

to the door of Anastasia’s office and proceeded to open the door without so

she saw Hayley barging in. Her expression

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