My Baby's Daddy

Chapter 30

Chapter 30 

Anastasia tidied her messy hair, the red shape of a palm obvious on her pretty face. “Chase them out!” she said to Felicia.

“I am Anastasia’s stepmother, and I have a private business to settle with her,” Naomi barked.

“I don’t care who you are. This is a company, not the backyard of your house. If you refuse to leave, I’m calling the police.” Felicia had no regard for Naomi.

Naomi thought she couldn’t involve the police in this matter, so she pulled her daughter along as she said, “Let’s go, Erica. We’ll continue this later.”

Anastasia bit her red lip and let out a sigh as she watched the duo leave. As for the onlookers in the office, most of them couldn’t help but see Anastasia in a new light. Despite her slender frame, she could actually put up a fight against the duo.

“What’s wrong with you, Anastasia? How are people coming over so often to pick on you?” Felicia and Anastasia were equally exasperated by the recent events, and the latter made a promise to her superior. “I’ll try my best not to bring personal matters to the company.”

Anastasia returned to her office, and she was about to tie her hair up when her landline rang. She reached out and picked it up. “Hello.”

again?” A man’s deep and upset voice came from over the

How did this news travel to him so fast? But then she


brag. You’re a mother now; it’s unbecoming to fight all the time,” Elliot said in

on her face, causing her to hiss.

the call right away. Soon, Rey arrived at Anastasia’s office, bringing an ice pack for her. “President Presgrave asked me to deliver this. Please be more careful

accepted the ice

should thank President Presgrave.” Rey smiled

pack to her face, and the pain subsided when she realized that the contract was still with her. She sighed, for she couldn’t believe that her father actually bought her a house. Therefore, she took her phone and

“What’s the matter, Anastasia?”

why didn’t you tell me you bought a house

“How did you know?”

don’t do this next time, in case she gets upset again.”

the past five years, so this is my compensation to you. You can move in

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