Chapter 7

“You found nothing you like? I think this one is not bad.” Gloria immediately came over to show her a piece of dress. 

Norah was jealous that her mom went away as soon as Nicole called her. So, when she saw the clothes in their hands, she went over to them with a plan. 

“Mom, this dress looks wonderful, but it is too expensive. Besides, not everyone will look good in it.” 

So, was Norah insinuating that she did not look good enough to wear that dress? 

Nicole cocked an eyebrow and said, “I am not so fond of a dress like this, but since you have said so, I have got to try it.” 

“Okay, try it.” Gloria’s eyes lit up as she instinctively knew that this dress suited Nicole, and so she hurriedly urged her. 

Norah did not expect Nicole to say that, and she felt upset at the moment. This hillbilly really dared to try. 

Nicole took the dress and disappeared into the fitting room. It was not long before she drew open the door curtain and appeared in this gorgeous dress. 

She was used to wearing just pants that were convenient for her to move around. By wearing a dress suddenly, she felt naked. 

Nicole usually dressed more casually, but thanks to her curvy body lines, she still looked great, even smart, in T-shirts and pants. Changing into this white dress would not look weird, but make her look skin gelatinous and beautiful. 

After letting her long hair down, Nicole and Gloria looked even more alike, so too their temperament. 


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Norah? What are you all doing here?” A voice suddenly

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