Chapter 16

Royal Creek Institute was a top education institution that had received all kinds of talented students. The teachers were the ones assigning a student to a class. There had never been a situation where students chose teachers and classes. Who was this student from the countryside? 

“Class B,” Nicole said casually. Ms. Emerson was wide-eyed instantly again. 

Compared to the hypocritical Mr. Kennedy, Nicole preferred the forthright Ms. Emerson. 

“Okay, then Class B.” Ms. Farrell nodded in agreement with a hint of flattering look in her eyes, which surprised the two teachers. They wondered who Nicole was that she could make the headteacher grovel. 

“Ms. Farrell, how can you let students choose classes?” This was unheard of. Class A and B were the best classes in the eleventh grade. 

“It has been decided, Ms. Emerson. Take Nicole to class.” Ms. Farrell looked a little displeased now and gave the order. 

“Ms. Farrell…” Ms. Emerson’s face turned pale. She did not expect that there was no room for negotiation. 

Mr. Kennedy smiled triumphantly and said, “I will go now, Ms. Farrell.” 

Ms. Farrell nodded and sat down as if she did not want to waste time talking any further. 

Ms. Emerson bit her lip in frustration and turned to look at Nicole. “Let’s go!” 

Nicole followed her out of the office. Ms. Emerson walked quickly to the classroom in her high heels, as if she was eager to shake her off. 

class, don’t drag my class down with you. I want you to catch up with the rest of the classmates within a

that, Ms. Emerson turned around and entered the classroom.

drag the class down? Just because she was from the countryside? She was slightly unhappy but still followed Ms. Emerson

have a new classmate here. Please welcome

as Ms. Emerson was, she still introduced Nicole to the class.

saw an attractive young girl with exquisite facial features

a committee member of the sports club, stood up and

the boys in the class clapped their hands together. They were delighted to welcome such a

Gary, look, there is a beautiful girl in

Gary Finley sitting in the

is only interested in the

even hotter,” said Jack Pearson, who

when he heard Jack’s comment. His

body stood straight with a trace of arrogance and aloofness in her, which made her

indeed pretty, but… how come

him and said, “All girls are like

herself. “I am Nicole, a transfer student.

did not. So, she said, “There is

she can only sit in the third-to-last row.” Jack bemoaned. In Class B, the last three rows were usually reserved for those with the worst

She leisurely sat at the empty seat. Only then did Ms. Emerson start the lecture. Gary took a few more glances at Nicole and started to think Nicole looked somewhat like Raine Riddle and Snow

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