Chapter 17

Wayne quickly shut up, while Bradley was dumbfounded. They seemed not to want to mess with Gary. 

Gary always scored the last in every exam, yet because of the powerful influence of the Finley family, no one in school ever dared to mess with him and his elder brother, Ryder, a junior. 

Glancing at Nicole, Gary said coldly, “What is your relationship with Raine and Snow?” 

Nicole raised an eyebrow and glinted at Gary. “I don’t know them.” She sounded indifferent. 

“See? I have just said they are not related.” Jack rolled his eyes at Wayne. 

“That is a shame. Gary would protect you if you were a relative of Raine and Snow.” Wayne grinned. 

Nicole had already retracted her gaze. “I don’t need the protection of anyone.” 

Rejected by Nicole, Gary felt he was getting a slap in the face. 

“Hey you, girl, do you know who you are talking to?” Jack got up in displeasure as he could not bear to see her attitude toward Gary. 

Everyone around them was frightened at seeing this, and they did not dare to say a word. 

“Cut it out.” As much as Gary felt losing face, he had no interest in bullying girls. “Since she doesn’t need our protection, no one is allowed to intervene in her affairs next time.” 

Gary looked at Nicole coldly, but she did not even look up at him. 

“Got it.” Jack and Wayne nodded. Gary had taken the entire eleventh grade into his umbrella of protection. Since this chic was unappreciative, she should not blame them for anything that happened in the future. 

Everyone else breathed a sigh of relief after the three of them walked away slowly. Bradley grinned and became even more interested in Nicole. “You have got guts, so daring to brush the Finleys off.” 

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not interested in the school feuds. Noticing that her phone vibrated, she went out to answer the call.

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reply system. Her signal to reply to the system message is indeed sent out from there.” Max also wondered

person we are looking for.” Jared sneered with a meaningful

that is Ellison’s territory. Our men can’t go in there just like this.” Ellison would not believe that if they told him there

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how are we going to find Lucifer?” Max

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lit up immediately.

Max left, Jared looked out the window.


went to the cafeteria with Bradley and a cute girl showing her

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Nicole eased up slightly at seeing the innocent-looking girl.

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