Chapter 18

Raine and Snow were not twins, but they looked like two peas in a pot, graceful, gentle, and lovely. They were the goddesses in the eyes of the boys, recognized as the most popular girls in high school and college, respectively. 

As soon as the two appeared, they attracted the attention of many people. 

Raine and Snow greeted a few classmates before sitting down. 

“We have been waiting.” Their friends winked at them as soon as they sat down. “See that newcomer of Class B of the eleventh grade over there? The forum is filled with her photos, saying that she is now the most popular girl in the school.” 

The two sisters looked back and saw Nicole, a hint of nonchalance flashing in their eyes. 

Raine smiled, pretending not to care. “It doesn’t matter. It is not easy to be the most popular girl in Royal Creek Institute.” 

“Exactly. Being the most popular girl requires not only good looks but also good grades.” 

“Absolutely. Raine and Snow have always scored first on every exam.” The two sisters from the Riddle family could firmly cling to the title of the most popular girls in the school, not just because they were pretty but also because of their outstanding academic performance, in a different league than those girls with only beauty. 

“Let’s eat. Most popular or not is up to others to decide. There is no need to care too much.” Snow calmly ordered her meal, as if she did not care about the popularity title. 

“Yeah, Snow doesn’t care about this vanity title.” Snow’s friend smiled and rolled her eyes toward Nicole. 

Seeing that Nicole did not respond, Bradley rolled his eyes back at them. “Pretentious.” 

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glared at him. “Do you want to try, too?”

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