Chapter 24

Everyone looked at Nicole in admiration. But the more unbelievable things were yet to come. Austin’s followers looked at Austin with confusion, and one of them asked, “But boss, yesterday, this ungrateful brat rejected your—”. Before the guy could finish speaking, Austin gave him a punch with a backhand. 

“Stop talking like that to Nicole! From now onward, Nicole is my boss. I will not spare those who dare to bully her.”

The poor guy glanced angrily at Nicole. Seeing that Austin was serious, the rest bowed their heads and submitted to Nicole. After that, Austin looked at Nicole flatteringly, hoping to get her compliment.

Everyone was in a daze for a moment, as they could not believe that all this was true.

Jack and Wayne behind them were speechless. Gary watched on with great interest, his eyes falling on Nicole and studying her. But Nicole was nonchalant, giving no reaction to Austin’s actions.

She then calmly checked her watch and said to Austin, “I am not your boss. My class is about to start. Don’t bother me anymore.”

Austin panicked when he saw Nicole opening a book, as if she was going to study. But his father had repeatedly told him to build a good relationship with Nicole and that he must not piss Nicole off.

“I know it was my fault, Nicole. Please forgive me.” Austin humbled himself.

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couldn’t care less. She was not thinking about Austin at all but focusing her attention and immersed in the Esperian-language book in front of her. Carl somehow came to mind. He was cynical and annoying, but his eyes were always so charming and wicked. Now she wondered how well he had recovered. But she

bell rang, and Nicole slowly pulled her drifting thoughts back. Ms. Emerson walked in her high

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