Chapter 25

Ms. Emerson turned her head to look at Nicole with a gentle smile. 

“Keep up the good work, Nicole. Don’t get complacent just because you have scored a full mark this time. The monthly exam is around the corner; it is still crucial to do revision at night.” Yesterday, she thought that Nicole’s grades were mediocre. Nicole was even absent from the self-study class last night. It was only after the test did she find Nicole’s exam results were anything but mediocre. She was now much more at ease.

It shocked Bradley to see how easily Ms. Emerson glossed over Nicole’s absence from the self study class.

Jack was even more dumbfounded, not expecting Nicole to be the only person who got a perfect score. He and Wayne looked at Nicole sitting in the third row from the last, as if she was some kind of monster.

While passing the test papers to Nicole, there was a complicated look in Lulu’s eyes as she noticed that Nicole had corrected the two questions that she had done wrong. 

Those two questions were tough problems, very challenging. She had thought about it for a long time and was still confused by them and gave the wrong answers. Yet Nicole could see through the problems at a glance and came up with smart, concise, and correct answers. She looked at Nicole’s steps of solution; her thinking was unique and unconventional yet effective. She admitted she was way behind Nicole. Could it be that this transfer student from the countryside was a real genius?

Ms. Emerson also featured Nicole’s problem-solving approach in her lectures. She compared it with the standard textbook answers and praised Nicole’s creative approach.

After the class, Lulu came up to Nicole and asked, “Did you come up with the solution to those two problems yourself?”

Nicole nodded. Compiling hacking codes was a thousand times more difficult than these test papers. These test papers were completely unnecessary for her. If it was not for the sake of submitting assignments, she would not even write it, as it would be a waste of time. That was why she just copied and pasted the answers.

me?” Seeing Lulu looking at her with adoration, Nicole could not refuse


while she lazily put her things into her bag. However, she paid no heed. Instead, she just packed and

Nicole disappeared from the line of sight that

driver called and apologized to

café in front of the school. Since it was still early, and she had nowhere to go, she thought she might as well go in and sit down

very much. The color tone was subtle with a tad of luxury feel, which showed the café owner had good taste. Nicole walked over to the bar, ordered a glass of Iced Americano, and then went to the corner of the café and sat down. It was laid back and free. Nicole sat in a chair and read the foreign language book. Unfortunately, it did not take long before a few people came in and sat down at an adjacent table. Hearing the familiar voices, Nicole looked up and

 “Nicole, I didn’t expect to see you here.” Norah saw Nicole and immediately let out a

you want to join

she was disgusted to see

here soon.” If not for she had nowhere to go, she would have wanted to leave by now. “I will go shopping with my cousins and will be home late.” Norah had a triumphant smile on his face, as if she was showing

a plastic smile.

so much time and effort to cozy up to Snow and Raine. What gave Nicole the right to ignore what her

had bowed her head to read her book, Norah could

and asked in puzzlement, “So arrogant. Who

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