Snow was cooperative. 

“Indeed, I can also tell that this should be Hablese coffee beans, and was probably produced last year. That’s why it is so fragrant and has a very strong coffee aroma.” Raine quickly nodded.

 “The roasting of this coffee bean goes through ten complex processes.” Everyone listened to them and nodded their heads in praise of their erudition. 

Seeing that they had gotten all the attention they wanted, Snow and Raine played humble, pretending that they were not seeking compliments, yet the smile on their faces had never stopped.

 Norah felt triumphant, too, after Nicole was ridiculed. Just as they were at it, sudden laughter came. Snow and Raine turned around abruptly, not realizing that Nicole was leaning back in her chair and looking at them with unbridled sarcasm.

Raine was the first to lose her cool. 

“What are you laughing at?”

“I laugh at you all, smart aleck.” Nicole did not want to intervene at first, but these people had jabbed at her. She was not going to take the insult lying down.

“Smart aleck? How dare you call us that, hillbilly!” Raine was pissed as no one at school dared to talk to them like this. She thought Nicole was too arrogant.

silent, eager to see how the

coffee cup and took

all, but a new variety cultivated by a certain private estate in Floeze. It is a specialty, which

tell the roasting process.” Celia was diffident after

time and walked over to their table. She pressed her hands

roasting process are you

disdain and scorn in her eyes, her

roasted coffee beans have a strong aroma, smooth taste but not sour. It brews a unique café au lait. I don’t know if you have heard of the principle that less is more. Often, the simpler the roasting method, the better the coffee, and coffee beans that have gone through over a dozen processes are probably just

three girls who spoke just now, they thought about it carefully. It seemed that

They knew nothing about coffee and what they said just now was

but she was not going to admit it.

lying. This is clearly Hablese coffee. Don’t be

it is Floezen coffee beans, and it is Floezen? I might as well say it is Esperian!” Celia came to her senses. Just then,

talking if you know nothing, Nicole. They often

Those who knew nothing would think that what Norah

a magnetic voice

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