Snow was embarrassed but could only hold out her hand to Jared. 

“Hello Mr. Johnston, I am Snow, Nicole’s cousin. Nice to meet you.”

She smiled and fiddled with her hair, trying to impress Jared. No boy at school could resist her suggestive teasing, and she thought Jared was no exception. But Jared just nodded casually. 

“Nice to meet you.” Snow and Raine tried their entire bag of tricks to impress Jared but hit a wall when Jared snubbed them.

Norah immediately snapped back and wanted to smash down Nicole. 

“We are sorry for the blunder. We were just discussing the coffee beans, and Nicole was just spitballing. Hope you don’t mind if she is wrong.” Norah looked graceful. The way she pretended to speak for Nicole could not be b*tchier.

Nicole’s stomach churned, and she almost threw up.

Just then, Jared suddenly said, “Miss Riddle is right, this coffee bean is indeed a product of my Floezen manor, and she is spot on about the roasting method.”

Everyone gasped in surprise. The owner of this café was here, and he could not be lying. They never expected that what Nicole said was correct. Everyone looked at Snow and Raine with disgust, as it turned out that the two girls were just smart alecs.

Snow and Raine. They

this point, Jared did not want to entertain the others anymore.

to talk to Miss Riddle

met last time. So why did he suddenly want to talk to her alone? It was at this time that she

could it be that Jared knew about her foster father? Her heart skipped a beat. Did this mean that she was likely to expose her identity? Before she knew it, Jared had brought her into a private

seat, Jared stared at her with a

my estate in the market, and I have only given it to some relatives and friends. I wonder how you know so much about it?” He had not carefully checked Nicole’s background last time

be simpler. He had given the coffee beans and red wine from his estaté to some bigwigs. How could she, a little girl from the countryside, know about

she was asking this.

 “Mr. Ellison and my grandfather are old acquaintances, and we have known each other

relieved and became bold when she

also kind of acquaintances, and I once had the privilege of drinking coffee brewed from the coffee beans produced in your estate.” Nicole thought she had been very

with Mr. Ellison was not a secret. Jared’s gaze

told him she was

Mr. Ellison? He was a previous-generation

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