In that case, it was not too bad to be his fiancée. Wait a minute; what the hell was she thinking? How could she compromise just for the coffee? She coughed with embarrassment but still kept her modesty. 

“Thank you, Mr. Johnston. I will come again when I have time.”

She loved coffee, so why not since it was free? 

“Okay.” He stared at her pretentious look and could not help but smile. This girl seemed to like his coffee beans.

 “I will go now. See you around.” Nicole waved goodbye. She smirked when she turned around. She would come for the coffee often.

Max came into the private lounge after Nicole left. Jared immediately instructed Max, “Check Nicole’s background and don’t alarm the Riddle family.” 

He wanted to figure out the relationship between this girl and Mr. Ellison, and how she knew the existence of his estate.

Max bowed his head, turned around, and left to find out Nicole’s background.

Turning his gaze to the floor-to-ceiling window, Jared looked at Nicole’s slender body from behind and smirked unconsciously. This girl had aroused his interest.

Nicole got into the car, looked back at Jared, sitting by the window, and could not help but breathe a sigh of relief. Thankfully, she was smart enough to use Mr. Ellison as a straw man. When she thought about it again, she felt obliged to visit Mr. Ellison, as he was really her benefactor 

twin brothers there, either. Sitting across from them was a tall guy in a school uniform

but the color of the collar

Spencer immediately introduced when his keen eyes spotted

over at Nicole, his eyes twinkling

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spoke first, her face breaking out in a gentle smile.

Spencer quickly said to Nicole.

a nerd and not good at talking to beautiful girls. His face

even redder than before. Nicole did not expect that the top student whom Spencer and Samuel mentioned had such

out of the kitchen with a bowl

had started to warm

“Thank you, Mom.”

but Gloria had been paying attention to her preferences. Knowing that Nicole loved salmon, she had been cooking salmon for the past two days.

dishes. I have come back at the right

is eat.” Spencer groused as he sat

was left to sit beside Stanley. As soon as Nicole sat down, she

toast to you,” Nicole said, raising a glass of water. Everyone looked


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