Chapter 29 Why?

She had been in this family for over ten years. Was everything she had done in vain?

Why was everyone so nice to Nicole as soon as she returned? The hatred inside her surged like the billowing sea, but she could only try to keep a smile on her face. 

“Why did you come back so late, Norah?” Samuel asked with concern. It made Norah feel better, as she knew that Samuel genuinely cared for her.

Thinking of this, she raised her chin and said, “I went shopping and had a drink with Snow and Raine after school. That’s why I am late. Had I known that you guys would be back today, I would have come back earlier.”

Nicole scoffed. Norah did not look like she wanted to return home when she ingratiated herself with Snow and Raine.

“Come have dinner together.” Gloria smiled and beckoned Norah to sit down.

But what Gloria said made Norah feel as if she was just a guest. She glanced at the long table again. There were two people on the left and two on the right, and she was superfluous. Biting her lip, she sat down next to Samuel.

As everyone began to dig in, Samuel brought up what happened at school. 

“Stanley, have you looked at the high school forum? Nicole is now the most popular girl at school.”

“Seriously?” Gloria’s eyes were filled with elation.

 “Nicole has just enrolled, and she is already so famous?” Spencer nodded. 

“It is true. There is something that you don’t know; Austin was so embarrassed and furious because he got rejected when confessing to Nicole.”

did not know

dare he disturb her daughter? He

immediately had something to say at the mention of


about her, but she was blaming Nicole verbally. Nicole could not help but put down her cutlery and looked at

to our class today and apologized

 “Apologized?” Gloria was surprised.

the Woods

news caught everyone by surprise. After all, no one was in the same class as Nicole, and naturally, no one knew about

even asked me to be his boss. I didn’t agree,” Nicole said nonchalantly as if she was talking about someone


asked you to be his boss?” Both Samuel

up trouble with a few underlings every day. It was unimaginable that such a person would ask Nicole to be

after exposing what happened at school, not only did she fail to keep

the first to express his compliment.

asked you to be his boss. Your over-the-shoulder move

also asked out of curiosity. Gloria had never known that Nicole was skilled in martial

 “Did you learn martial

curious, Nicole decided to

a martial arts championship during my ninth grade in junior

brothers were even more surprised. They could not help

in their tenth grade. In contrast, their sister had won the martial arts championship. Norah

the martial arts

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